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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 39

    I am 39, divorced and seem to be hornier than ever. My neighbor is a nice man, also divorced (we live in an apartment complex). He slipped and twisted his ankle and was in a boot for several weeks. Getting up and down the steps was difficult for him, and I felt a need to baby him. I told him that I would take care of him while he was unable to get around. I love doing laundry, a thing left over growing up and I like to cook. I have always been boy crazy and I love to suck cock.

    I went over to his apartment and I brought him a home cooked meal. We had dinner and I cleaned up. While I was there I put the laundry on, set him up on the couch with a pillow under his ankle and with the clothes in the dryer I went and got on the floor in front of him and sucked his cock. He was a bit overanxious and he spat his stuff almost immediately. I cleaned him up and sucked his soft cock gently. I told him I had a pussy that liked cock and I did anal if that is what he liked. I was easy on all fronts.

    He liked having his cock sucked. With his ankle he had trouble getting around, fucking meant that he had to come around to the foot of the bed to get up between my legs. He did, he hobbled, but he liked having his cock sucked so I sucked his cock. He was cuming regularly so he was no longer shooting off early, I brought over my anal beads and introduced him to that. He had never had any thing stuck up his ass, men have a big problem with that, but once he got used to it he liked it, a long cock sucking session with anal beads seems to make men happy.

    The thing I find amazing is that the talk doesn't match the walk. Spreading for him is nice, but he wants to spread you. I like spreading, opening up, I think I have a nice pussy I have always had closed lips and I take care of my grooming. I know I am not seventeen anymore but I still have a nice pussy, when I get excited my pussy opens up from below close to my vagina. I am not shy, I have the pictures to prove it. I like getting fucked after spreading for him, letting him take in the view. When I am spread open I like to look at an erect penis. It really turns me on.

    But that is me, my neighbor was never treated to good sex by his exwife. She never gave him anal sex, she almost never sucked him, she was a plain sex woman, and not often at that. It took a lot of work to get my new lover to accept that a woman can want it, can chase it, can suck it, loves getting it in the back door, is dick hungry in her pussy, for the right man.

    I have a woman friend who teaches sex to frigid women. Most are housewives. Her first lesson is get it out there, get naked, spread your legs and let him look, get on your knees and suck his dick. Suck him, like your life depends on it, suck him and make him cum in your mouth. Take a shower with him, let him finger your asshole, get used to it, ask him to lick it, get on the bed and bend over and give him your asshole and ask him to fuck you. If you want great sex, you have to let him know you want great sex. And an ass fucking is great sex. I could teach the class.

    My neighbor got well and his ankle healed and he got around without help. But I still cooked for him and went over to do his laundry. A blowjob while the clothes are in the wash lets him know you are serious. Change his sheets, turn down the bed, spread your legs and invite him to suck your pussy. And let him suck your pussy, don't keep pushing him away, grab his head and pull it up into your pussy and when you orgasm, let it shake through your body. He can fuck you later. Like I said I could teach the class.

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    Straight Female / 30

    So I'm one who enjoys some good sex. At the same time, I also love it when I make guys cum quickly. In college, I made a guy pop one off just from him letting him grab my breasts while we made out. Granted, he'd never done anything like the such, but it turned me on to high heaven. It's such a rush feeling knowing I was partially the reason it happened. I know I shouldn't revel in this feeling since I know guys want to last long.

    I really haven't known any other guys to cum as quickly, but I am one to try and tease them into cumming quicker than usual. If not, then at least I get some decent sex out of it. A win/win?

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    Lesbian Female / 53

    Growing up I was indifferent to boys. I always had a super girlfriend. When I was going off to college my mother talked to me, it was one of those talks where you go into her room and she wants to talk about something she doesn't want to talk about. She told me that I would be meeting lots of guys in college, some would be nice guys but some would not be nice guys. I had to learn to pick them apart, falling into the hands of a guy who was only interested in what was up my skirt was going to lead to lots of pain.

    She gave me a pamphlet, how not to get pregnant. It had a couple of paragraphs on male reproduction and female reproduction. Nothing about sex. She had me read back to her the paragraphs on intercourse and semen and sperm and ovum and ovulation and menstruation. She asked me if I had been kissed. If I didn't want to tell her it was fine, but being kissed was the first step. The steps didn't have to be one right after the other, the boy would get me to kiss with him and then one day get me to let him get his hand under my skirt or under my shirt and then one day, he would push me over and he would push his penis into me. It was that easy, and then I would probably be pregnant. Kissing was fine, hands under my shirt maybe but a hand up under my skirt was not fine. There is a reason why girls wait until marriage, respect that.

    I got up and went to the door to leave and she called me back. She held my hands and looked at me and said that sometimes girls preferred to have girlfriends. Having a girlfriend was a blessing as we all knew, but sometimes the girlfriend was like a boyfriend. Some girls liked to kiss other girls, yes kiss them the same way boys kissed girls. Some girls even liked to put their hands up under your shirt. Some girls put their hands up your skirt. These things happened. She didn't know much about it but she had asked her doctor about it and her doctor had given her some ideas to talk about with me.

    She asked me again if I had been kissed. If a girl had touched my breast. If a girl had put her hand up under my skirt and felt me up. She wanted to know. To tell her now. Had I kissed a girl? Had I kissed Missy when we were in the seventh grade? Had we touched each other. Did we kiss? Did I let Missy touch me down there? What all did we do, to tell her because she didn't want to hear anything more from Missy's mother.

    I told my mother that Missy and I were friends.

    Missy was seventeen the day I went off to college. My parents took me, but the night before I snuck out of my room again, I went over to Missy's house and tapped on the garage door like always and she came out in her nightgown and we kissed so hard. Missy was crying, I told her I loved her and I would be back for her, but we had to be careful my mother was asking questions and her mother was telling my mother stuff. We kissed again and I went home and the next day I was driven off to college.

    Missy was my best friend, we saw each other during the holidays and during the summers until we were both done with college. During those college years, during those long summer breaks, we kissed, and we touched our breasts and we touched our thing down there and stuck our tongue in our mouths and we stuck our tongue down there. When she finished college we said we wanted to go live in the city. Missy and I remained best friends and have lived together for a very long time, long after our parents passed. We got married last year just because. Not really any other reason. We don't call ourselves wives, it really isn't a term that works. She is my lover, my friend, my girlfriend, my life partner.

    We bought burial plots side by side. We want to spend the rest of eternity together. Maybe in the next life we won't have to answer so many stupid questions.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I finished college and went on to nursing school. The nursing school was next to the medical school. The nurses had all the sex they wanted or could handle from the male docs. The female docs never got any sex. I knew this one female doc, she had a very pretty face and had a great enough body, but she was always studying and never went out. She is still single and me and all my nursing friends got married.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I am a Mexican girl and I got involved with a married man. His wife was not in favor of me, but she helped me get into college and never let up until I graduated. She gave me a real nice gift, a pair of real nice earrings for my graduation. She wanted me to get a job with my degree and felt that I needed better clothes so she took me shopping for interview and work clothes. At one point I was standing in the dressing room with her trying on dresses, in my bra and panties and she said I should slip out that bra to try on this next dress. I went from being totally comfortable to being totally uncomfortable, standing topless in a little changing room with the wife of the man that I had sex with. But she never blinked, she was determined to get me the right dress even if it wasn't for work and that bra did not work for a dress.

    We not only bought a couple of suits for interviewing and several nice work outfits, she bought me a couple of new bras and had the lingerie lady size me appropriately. I got a job working for an architectural design firm. I had gotten totally comfortable with her and we talked about everything. From time to time she would ask me if her husband was taking care of me, if I needed anything, that he was always nice to me, she didn't want to hear that he mistreated me in any way.

    For my 23rd birthday she invited me on a girls only cruise to the islands in the Caribean. I shared a room with her and it is the first time that we undressed completely in front of each other. She had seen me naked before because she bought clothes for me but it was the first time I saw her naked. What struck me was how alike we were, except for the twenty year difference. On that cruise it seemed that once we were back in the room we stripped down to our underwear and we stripped naked before going into the little bathroom to take a shower.

    On that cruise we did talk about how she and her husband got together and how embarrassed she had been when he took off her pants and had sex with her the first time. I told her that my first time I just wanted to have sex, in my house sex was not something we didn't know about. I had slept in my parent's bed until I was nine and sex was an open topic in women company once you were around ten. At that age you started to get pointers and suggestions and you were asked almost daily if you had pubes. Having sex for me was something that I was late to the party for.

    We talked a lot about sex on that cruise, we compared what we did, and what he liked doing with us, and she told me that she was always uncomfortable with giving him oral sex and I told her that I gave him oral sex every time before we had sex sex. Then she told me that when she was in the ninth grade an older girl in the neighborhood would touch her and have her touch the girl. They were a couple of years apart and that is where she had her first romance. So when her husband pulled her pants off she was embarrassed. She never felt comfortable having sex, so if he enjoyed being with me then she enjoyed having him be with me. She just never expected to want to be with me.

    It was awkward, but she told me that she understood she just wanted us to be friends, she knew that she would never be with me like she was with her friend in high school but she did think about it. If anything we got closer and although we never went down the path of getting together, I knew that she wanted me to be the one that had sex with her husband. It also became clear as to why she never had children. I encouraged her to find a girl she could be close with, going through life not having sex was horrible, but that was too much for her. She was married eighteen years by then, she had sex when she was recently married but he finally stopped bothering her and when he found me he stopped bothering her completely.

    I never spoke to him about it, from time to time he told me that she was unresponsive or cold. I wasn't, I wanted to have sex.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I am a middle sister, one of nine girls. Five of us are old enough to be married and we have fourteen kids among us, with more to come, plus the four younger girls are coming up in age. We have received hate mail from people who disrespect our marriages and our choice to have families. Even in our church we get hate looks.

    What is wrong with people? Do they not realize their very ability to hold us in contempt is because their mother chose to be a 'breeder', as they call us?

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    Straight Female / 39

    I know I should have respected myself better, but I didn't. When I was 19 I worked as a payroll clerk in the office of a service yard for a construction company. The Vice President of Operations came to the yard as part of his normal tour of the business. He talked to me and he asked me out and I went to his hotel room and I stayed the night. I got pregnant and that child is now 19. I have never been able to resist him, I have sex with him at the drop of a hat. I have had sex with him when my mother was visiting and of course my daughter has been around him having sex with me all her life.

    She has gotten into this power thing for women and she is accusatory of me being passive and letting her father control me. Of course he controls me. I like being there for him. If I did anything to upset him I would die. I feel she should get a complete lesson on what a woman's body is for, it may be a temple figuratively but it is his to use when he wants it.

    I always wanted her to know that her father has sex with me. We never talk about it, but the door has not always been closed and his hands on me have not always been in the bedroom. I want her to know that her father has sex with me, I want her to know that I will travel to him whenever he asks. I want her to know that sex is not always movie sex, sometimes I do things with him that aren't so polite. I don't care is she catches me. If she wants lessons I will gladly show her or tell her. And she should remember that this is her father, the man that sired her and the man that supports her and is paying for her college. And she owes him respect and submissiveness too. She won't listen but he is fed up with her attitude and angering him has to be about the most stupid thing she can do.

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    Straight Female / 27

    In college two guys fought over me, the one who 'won' left the other guy unconscious and took me away in his car. No one questioned that I was his girlfriend, no one would date me. Even girls kept their distance insisting I get permission before going out. I dropped out of my college and went back home. Everyone in my town knew about the fight, no one dated me. After three weeks my 'boyfriend' came for me and took me back to school. I sat out that semester, finished school a semester late and got married.

    I never understood what the fight was about, I mean it was about me, but why fight like they were going to kill each other. I am married so this is all old news, I have kids now. My husband has never hurt anyone else that I know of, he looks after us. I used to ask him but he would tell me that I wasn't old enough to know. I have friends from that time, we don't talk about it any more. But it is a hole in my life I can't fill.

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    Straight Female / 40

    When I was 17 and still in high school I had an afternoon part time job as a file clerk in an office. The owner of the company liked me and he fucked me in the file room. I was a total virgin at the time, I had never been grabbed by a man or a boy either, I didn't have a father and I lived alone with my mother. I didn't know what a man's hug was, or the smell of a man on top of me or being naked against a man who was sticking his dick in me. He fucked me real hard that day, real hard. I went home and told my mother and all she said was that it was done now so now I knew what it felt like to be a woman.

    Sometimes he fucked me real hard like that day in the file room but other times he made love to me real soft, kissing and hugging me first, feeling me with his hand until I was wet for him and then making love to me, telling me how pretty I was and how much he liked having me. Sometimes he just kissed me telling me that I was his favorite, even more than his youngest daughter. Sometimes he undressed me piece by piece, shoes, and pants and tops and bra and panties until I was totally naked and he would tell me how much he enjoyed looking at me and how I made him happy and that he really enjoyed my body. But sometimes he would fuck me real hard.

    I worked for him all the way through college and through my masters program and I work for him today. Since that day I have was always been his lover, as I got older and I got more experience I knew how to get undressed for him, how to stand and or lay down for him, how to give him sex. I give him sex, the minute he stars to grab me for sex I give him everything. He is sixty years old now and for his birthday I hired a belly dancer I had seen at another party, she is so sensuous, she doesn't wear a bra of any kind and her breast move with her dance so that anyone in the room is either hot for her or jealous of her. At his party I had her dance for him, close and personal, letting her breast flow over him. I know him, he likes for me to cover his face with my breasts and let him nibble on me like eating from a bunch of gr**es.

    That night after his party I danced for him, my breasts just aren't the same but my breasts he can touch and kiss and bite and I let him feel me up with his hand and penetrate me with his fingers. I love the feeling of his hand in me, feeling his beard against me, his lips and his bites. I like getting him aroused, we use pills now all the time, his arousals last a long time and he works himself up until he just fucks me. I like making love, playing and teasing and stuff, but sometimes like after the party I just want him to fuck me one more time.

    I am forty years old now, I have never had another lover, I only know one man. My mother just spent four weeks with me. Sometimes to make her feel weird I tell her what he did with me the night before. That is how I get even with her, I remind her of that evening when I told her he had fucked me in file room, and that now I know what it is feel like a woman. I also tell her that I am not worried, everything is electronic now and there aren't any more file rooms.

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    Straight Female / 47

    The bottom line is that after 25 years of marriage I am the daughter and he is the father. When he has sex with me it feels indecent, like he shouldn't be seeing me naked. I sleep in a separate room from him and take care of all the household needs, he works and pays the bills and I live pretty well. Our house is paid off and our two kids are now college bound. I identify more with my daughter than I do with friends my age and I like being spoiled like her. I try to get up the desire to have sex but I just can't.

    I told him in a round about way that if he found a lady who would give him what he needs I will look the other way. I don't want him to get involved with some slut or woman digging for money. I want the woman to want to be with him, I guess to be in love with him. If she can't support herself properly I am not opposed to some sort of financial arrangement, but I definitely do not want some money digging woman around. The best thing is someone that I could sit down and have a nice morning over coffee conversation. But I don't want it to be any woman that I already know.

    I know I am asking for something that doesn't exist and he is probably more interested in some twenty five year old, but if he is he is paying for her and that is not the relationship I want him to have. I don't want him to pay for whores, the woman should go to him on her own and not be paid for her being with him.

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