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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I was always small, growing up and as a near adult. I topped off at 5 flat, and am slight with small boobs. My best feature is my ass. As I said, I was a young adult, and he was a grown adult, a very big man with heavy facial hair and he had a gross large penis, it scared me. Even though there wasn't much to fuck he fucked me. He got it all in, every last bit of it, I didn't think all of that would fit inside of me, but it did. It was my first time so I didn't really know what to do, he laid hard on top of me and fucked me until he got his load off, leaving every last drop inside of me, he never event attempted to pull out. And when he was done he just let his whole body weight plaster me into the bed, I couldn't breathe, he would lift himself up a little for me to catch my breath and then down he went again plastering me back into the bed. He was a man, a huge big bear of a man.

    At the time I weighed 105 pounds to his 265 pounds. He would get hard, and lift me up and make me slide on to his penis, find a place to lean me against or a place to bend me over and finish fucking me. I was never able to get his whole penis in my mouth, and I could use both hands on it.

    I went to college in town, and he kept me as his lover until I was 26. His last fuck with me broke my heart. He told me after he fucked me that I was just to small for him and he was scared he was going to break me and he didn't think I was big enough to have kids. All those years, since I was too young really to fuck, up till then when he fucked me pretty regularly, day or night, there was enough of me to fuck, but now all of a sudden I was breakable and he was breaking up with me.

    I married my husband out of desperation, but he is not what my big bear was, not at all. Your not supposed to care how big a penis is, but I loved my big bear's penis, it was grotesquely big, and when he fucked me I felt I was full up to my ears. I took it both ways, my husband won't use the back door. He doesn't understand that getting rammed up the back door fills you up in a way that the front door just can't do it for you. My big bear would get into me, work his penis in me until I felt my ass could not take any more and then lift me up and walk me around, his favorite was to carry me out to the living room and bend me over the back of the couch and finish me off there.

    My big beat won't have me now, no matter how much I cry. My husband just can't make me happy like that. I know I am spoiled, I know the real thing. I can hold my husband's penis in one hand, and take it all in my mouth, and when he gets on it is like a toy, one of those small toys you carry in your purse, it just doesn't feel like the real thing.

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    Straight Female / 39

    This is true, I was in my late twenties before I accepted I was a woman, and in my early thirties before I permitted a man to be intimate with me, in my mid thirties before I closed my eyes and took the plunge of becoming a mother, which I did twice on advice of my mother. I struggle everyday with this, my children's father is understanding, but frustrated. I am frustrated. I have to spend a long few minutes everyday getting used to the fact, playing the part, being the part.

    Marrying him is the last straw, changing my name, I am doing this for my children, not for him.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    Sheâs Still My Best Friend (Part II)
    At the pace he was battering my hole it wasnât long before I became oblivious to the pain as it suddenly turned into the most heavenly sensations Iâd ever felt. I screamed to the top of my lungs obscenities of pleasures as I pleaded with him shoot his load. His hot, his young black seed into my willing and ready to receive unprotected still yet fertile womb. Though young he had enough presence of mind left to know that may not be such a good idea but I wanted it. I needed it and was determine to have it. To feel it and at that point! I didnât give a damn about consequences. I locked my c**t muscles around his meat! The heat the passion the raw Taboo of it all had me on the edge of what was certain to be the most powerful orgasm of my life! I was so close. I knew it was going to be earth shattering and I wanted Teray not only to cum with me but deep, deep inside me as well! Finally he gave me the single most powerful thrust of cock meat Iâd even known. It was desperate; it was devastatingly brutal so much so that I screamed as I sternly believed heâd knock my cervix out of place! At the end of the thrust and his striking against the absolute depths of my c**t, he began to shutter violently. Leaving his cock stagnate inside me he spewed a cataclysmic eruption of hot volcanic black seed chest deep into soul! After which we both collapsed from a minding blowing episode of Forbidden exhaustion. We fell asleep entangled, right there on the cool concrete patio floor..

    To Be Continuedâ¦â¦ â¦..

    Part 2:

    In the middle of that night early the next morning I was awaken and pulled again by my hair to my knees. Upon opening my eyes and gathering my senses I found myself face to head with Terayâs steel hard black cock. Instinctively I reached out to take hold of it this wasnât rocket science. I understood he wanted his dick sucked and though still a bit groggy and unfocused. I was more than willing to oblige him but the reaching out of my little white hand for his oversized black rod was meet with a sharp stinging sensation. Teray slapped my hand away telling me that he hadnât given me permission to touch his dick. âPut your hands behind your back bitch! Iâll tell you when you can touch my dick slut!â were his exact words to me. As I obeyed his young yet commanding voice he began to slap that big hard thick black meat of his against the sides of my face. From one side to the other, from forehead to chin, he used his cock as a whip striking me with arrogance and malice. In between he would taunt me by lightly rubbing it across my lips as if he wanted me to open my mouth.

    However when Iâd open my mouth to receive it he snatch it away from me. In all my thirty âsomethingâ years no man, before that night, before my youngest suitor, had ever dared to treat me with such humiliation and disgrace. Nevertheless the more this black stud continued to do it: the more I wondered, âwhy in the hell not?â I LOVED IT! I WANTED IT! MY GOD IN HEAVEN, I NEEDED IT! My body, my soul, my Spirit, seemed to crave it. It was as if I was born created for this very purpose! To be used as an instrument for this black boyâs sexual deviance. Finally, as I opened my mouth he inserted his cock and began fucking my face. He took a strong firm grip of the back of my head locking it in his desired position and used my throat as an orifice designed solely for abuse. With powerful rapid thrust he plowed away with abandonment, until his black balls had emptied themselves of what seemed like yet another endless supply of adolescent protein.

    âIâm hungry Aunt Margie whatâs to eat in there?â were the next set of shocking and surprising words to penetrate my ears. âNow ainât that a blipâ I thought to myself. In a flash without warning I reverted from his and I quoteâ Nasty Ass White Bitchâ being force feed his aggressive seemly angry black monster dick back into âAunt Margie.â Uncertain how to take it I went with the flow and told him I wasnât sure but we could go look. There was of course plenty of food however as usual most of it was frozen. We decided on some bacon, eggs and coffee. As I stood over the stove putting our meal together I couldnât help but notice, as Teray was walking. Around the kitchen and dining area as we both were still naked. How after all that fucking and sucking and cum blasting his dick hung longer, thicker and heavier than Billâs did hard. We sat next to each other at the table and began a casual but adult to adult chat. After all that had happen and from what I could see going on between his legs was bound to happen again soon. There was no need in acting or pretending he was anything less than a full grown man at least when we were alone anyway.

    Though the young man sitting next to me ate like a growing boy. I couldnât help but notice that the dick between his legs had once again grown into a beef connoisseurâs paradise. A bit perplexed I asked him if he realized or had any idea, any true concept of the weapon he had. âAunt Margie, Iâve been told I have a big dick and sometimes itâs ok. Other times itâs notâ he said. I asked him what he meant by that. âI donât know Aunt Margie. Most girls when they see it want to touch and suck it but the majority of them make up some excuse and run when itâs time to fuck and those that I have fucked, except Cherry and â¦., well never mind. Say I turn into some kind of monster during sex and refuse to come back. Do you think thatâs true Aunt Margie, Iâve fucked you. Will you come back; do I turn into a monster?â He replied and enquired. I thought to myself before answering, âIf he fucks Cherry the way he fucked me there must be something in our bloodline that makes us crave the abuse, some sort of submissive gene seeking to be dominated and used as fuck toys.â Then I answered him, âTeray I wouldnât call it a monster. Iâd say you more or less become dominate. You know, take control of the situation and go after what you want. Exactly how you want it. I quite frankly love it and from what I can tell so does Cherry, do you treat and fuck her the same way as you did me?â his answer was of course, âYes I do. Sheâs the one who started me by daring me to treat her like my dirty white whore. Instead of someone I cared about when we fuckâ he answered.

    âIs she also the one who taught you your way in and around a pussy? How to fuck, when to go slow, when to speed up, when to pound hard and when to use gentle strokes?â was the next thing I asked him. âNo my â¦â¦ well no I learned that elsewhere Aunt Margieâ he answered. âSo it was this other girl the one you fuck other than Cherry. Who is she? Do I know her? Is she a young girl or an older woman like me?â I asked. I pried and pleaded to no avail. He refused to tell me. Eventually I left it alone. Besides looking at that hard black telephone pole staring up at me begging for more of my undivided attention started to get the best of me. As Teray was steadily wolfing down his meal like a marathon runner I got down on my knees, crawled under the table and started giving his cock that attention it was calling for. âOH GOD, AUNT MARGIE, IâM TRYING TO EAT, DAMN THAT FEELS GOODâ. Looking up into his eyes with a wicked conceited smile and a mouth full of cock I mumbled, âMe Too!â

    Teray stopped eating and relaxed back in the chair allowing me to suck him at my own pace. Every so often Iâd look up to register my efforts by his facial expressions. It wasnât long before I could feel his balls tense in preparation of giving me yet another load but I. Wanted to savor the moment; I wanted this to be the best blowjob of his young life. He stood up and leaned back balancing himself against the table. Already freed from any and all of my former sexual hang-ups and or inhibitions, I sucked his dick as if it was the last one on earth. Oh by the way in case you hadnât already guessed a love for cock sucking also seems to run in the bloodline. Cherry got it honestly. Less than a handful of people know the secret the truth about me and dick sucking that is. Iâve been sucking cock and loving it every since I was eight years old; but thatâs another story. The point is though I love sucking dick! Unfortunately my upbringing, my economic and social standings throughout my life always demanded. I carry and present myself according to certain standards and unwritten rules at all times. I was forced to suppress my innate oral fixations.

    I could feel Terayâs cock began to throb inside my mouth. He was about to blow his load ready or not! I resigned myself to this fact and braced myself for what was about to come but this time. I wanted to see just how much cum those balls held in a single load. I pulled away and told him âBust your sweet chocolate nuts all over my slutty white face! Iâm your whore Teray, treat me like it!â He screamed with the loudest most eerie âOOOOOOOOOOFUUUUUUUUCK!â and hot powerful stream after stream after stream after stream of cum began splashing, covering my hair and face. The force of it was awesome; it splashed against my skin hard enough to produce a slight sting with each bulls-eye hit! By the time he was done I was saturated in his fluid. It was time to take a shower!

    We retired to the upstairs area. I took my shower in my bedroom and Teray took his in Cherryâs. We took them separately because I believed if we took them together weâd never get it done. After drying off I returned to my sleeping area. Teray still naked and with a still semi-hard dick was lying on my marital bed. To be honest my throat and pussy were tired and sore. Frankly Iâd had enough cock to last me for at least a couple weeks. Teray had other plans. He reached for my arm and flung me like a rag doll down on the bed. I too am petite, 5foot one inch in my heels and weighing in at a solid 115lbs. Once he had me in position, he started to kiss me genteelly. He began to caress me with the skill of trained veteran lover. I started to speak or at least tried too but he motioned for me to be quiet. His tongue tactfully traveled from my face to my toes. All most demonically he would spend just enough time at all the major stops in between. Purposely he denied my pussy any direct attention.

    After taunting me so exquisitely he stopped suddenly and began to look around the room. I again tried to speak but he forbad me. He rose up from the bed went into Cherryâs room and re-entered my own with a red pair of her stockings. He commanded me to roll over on my stomach then he walked to the head of the bed tied a stocking to the bed post. Then to my arm and repeated the actions from the other side. Then he began his slow tongue assault from the back of my neck down to the small of my back. Again, he did so with the precision of a well indoctrinated soldier specializing in covert operations. His skills were far, far, to advance for someone of his age. Hell, I was twice his age and had no idea what he was doing. All I knew was I didnât want him to stop. Still he did. Once again he stopped and walked away. Only this time I was tied face down to the bed. I called out for him but there was no answer. Then all of a sudden I felt strong hands began to massage my ass.

    Those hands then parted my ass cheeks like Moses parting the Red Sea and then. It happened! Crackling, Thunderous Bolts of Lightening, began to roar and flash through my brain. Teray suddenly began to shoot his tongue in and around my forbidden rosebud with quick deep stabbing jolts. My backside, my butt, my asshole was before that instance absolute virgin! Yes, Iâd done him but that was in the heat of passion, a reflex action, an act of obedience, if you please but this was premeditated! No one had ever done anything like this to me, ever. The thought of that part of me being used for anything other than natureâs call, never crossed my mind but whatâ¦.. was happening to me. What he was doing to me unleashed someone inside me that never knew. Instantly I began to buck wildly like a never before saddled mare, torn between defiance and submission. Only my defiance was short lived every circuit inside my brain had been utterly blown! I had no understanding of what was going on inside my head. All I knew was that a new world had been opened up to me. A world that I never wanted to leave, a world of ultimate bliss and a world in which Teray was master and I, his eager and willing slave.

    Somewhere between the far away distance travels of my mind and my bodyâs involuntary spasmic bucking. I heard a faint familiar buzzing sound. Before I could focus enough to identify it my clit was being vibrated as Terayâs tongue was being twirled around deep inside my anus. For the first time in my life the instant my mind connected that tongue in my ass and the stimulation of my clit as one simultaneous event. I rather my pussy began a series of violent orgasmic squirts that caused me to scream so loud I frighten myself just before I apparently blacked out! I say that because I donât remember being untied or getting on the floor on all fours but I have vivid recollection of hearing myself screaming âOH MY GOD NO!!â As I felt the golf ball sized head of Terayâs cock breaking through and penetrating my anal opening! Before I had time to mount a true protest heâd already had enough of his dick up my ass for even me to know. He wasnât about to stop until heâd accomplished his goal! Like it or not, pain or not, my little petite white asshole was being taken. My essence was being claimed as the property of my best friendâs son! Like it or not my previously conservative soul was being manhandled. Not to mention I was being ass fucked and talked to as if I were some back alley gutter trash slut!

    My mind automatically switched to survival mode. Realizing that even if Teray did have some sense of mercy, some inkling of compassion, anything at all inside him that would cause him to stop and not cause me anymore of the ungodly pain I was experiencing. The dick up my ass would certainly overrule any such thought. It wasnât going to happen and if. I was going to survive, live to see another day. It would be in my best interest to relax as best I could and try to adjust to size, the feel and the rhythm of the big black horse dick that was pounding and was certain to continue to pound away at my bowel lining until those always over- loaded youthful black balls of his emptied their burdensome lava where no man ever been before!

    He thrashed my depths with an unyielding defilement of my core. I had no choice but to scream the death squeals of consumed beast. Fortunately, the once unbearable pain eventually subsided. The powerful thrust of the youthful athletic buck mixed with his authoritative words vulgarity suddenly became my reason for living. Several times heâd demand I tell him where his dick was. To which Iâd joyously respond appropriately. Hearing the words come from my own mouth excited me beyond description. I began to literally beg him to fuck my ass even harder. I urged him to fuck me in the ass like I was his bitch, as he often called during our fuck sessions. Though I didnât know or realize it at the time. Doing so was the best thing that could have happened to me anyway. Those words, my words of fuck my ass and make me your bitch. Was exactly what it took for him to go get his nut.

    The feeling of having wicked rivers of g riotous semen gushing through your rectal subway for the very first time is; definitively an indescribable revelation of pure bliss. It is beyond any known words of human communication. He collapsed on top of me with his semi hard big dick still lodged and pulsating in the remoteness of my no longer virgin asshole. Though he remained motionless on top my anal sphincters involuntarily continued to milk that cock dry. â¦to be continued

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    Sheâs Still My Best Friend (Post Re-try) 100% True Story Names Changed
    Keri and I have been best friends since being roommates in college. We both dated and married star football players we met while there. Boston, Kerriâs husband was the starting quarterback and Jim, my husband was a starting linebacker. They too, were best friends and we spent many hours as a social foursome. Boston blew out his knee his senior year otherwise he was a sure first round pick for the Draft. Jim on the other hand was good but not good enough to go in the first round; he went in the 3rd round and got cut the last week of training camp. Both men went on to Law School and eventually started their own highly successful Firm as partners. Kerri and I, though obviously loved and adored by our husbands are virtual trophy wives. Materialistically we want for nothing as we have it all including the big houses, cars and maids literally waiting upon us hand and foot.

    Sexually my husband fairs well and though he doesnât have much of a cock, a thin six inches hard heâs an attentive and caring lover. He often over compensates by eating me out heâs always been a bit sensitive about his cock size but hey, what girl doesnât love having her pussy licked? Before meeting him Iâd had a couple of boyfriends through my school years but neither was any bigger than Jim. So I really didnât know the difference. That is until I came home that day from getting my hair and nails done and heard extremely loud music coming from my daughterâs room. At first I tried to overlook it but it started to get on my nerves, bad! I yelled up to her over and over to âturn that noise downâ but apparently she couldnât hear me. With no other choice I climbed the stairs to confront her face to face as Iâd taken all the noise I could; this had to stop, now! I knocked on her door, banged on it but of course she either didnât hear me or didnât give a shit that her mother was trying to be polite by knocking in the first place.

    Naturally I reached for the knob to let myself in as that noise was about to take me over the edge! As fate would have it the noise was the least of my troubles. To my utter surprise and devastating shock as I opened the door there was my daughter. My darling princess on her knees sucking the biggest dick Iâd ever seen! Frozen in my horror, words abandon me. I could say nothing, do nothing! This wasnât happening. I had to have been dreaming. This had to be some sort of walking nightmare but it wasnât and it got worse! My eyes followed that huge dick from my daughterâs throat backwards to its owner. Holy Shit! It belonged to Teray, Keri and Bostonâs son! What the fuck was going on! This shit couldnât have been real! My mind spinning my knees threatening to give way, my voice still in a state of absences, I grabbed hold of the wall in an attempt to steady myself in disbelief of the sight before me.

    Those two grew up side by side. All their young lives theyâd conducted themselves as big brother and little sister. Weâve always known and had no problem with them being close. How could they have not been since the four of us adults were like intertwined ropes. Being only eleven months apart they grew up sharing cradles, bottles, rattlers and toys. They grew up going to the same schools, shared some classes and many of the same friends. On a couple occasions Teray was suspended from school taking up for Cherry, believing one or more of her so-called boyfriendâs had mistreated her. Like I said we always thought he considered her his little sister and since sheâs so petite 4foot 11, 100 to 110 libs, with an eye for the tall broad shoulder type. We were all pleased that Teray thought enough of her to look out for her wellbeing.

    They were so close that it was never a shock to come home and see Teray there or learn that Cherry was at their home at any given moment but this! When did this start. How long had it been going on? Iâd never given it a second thought any time the two would run off to one or otherâs room. Door open or closed, made no difference. We are all closer than many families. The fact that one was male and the other female or that one was black and the other white never crossed our minds. They were big brother and little sister. However, before my eyes on her knees was my little white daughter sucking the shit out of her big black brotherâs donkey dick and from where I stood. She wasnât being forced nor was she backing down from his powerful and aggressive attempts to ram that monster clear through the back of her head!

    Unspeakable emotions flooded my being as I watched and became forced to admit. I was getting turned on by the sight. With the four of us adults it was never a black or white thing. We were family, period. Yes, we each had friends of our own race and many times had to put those friends in their place when it came to some to the slick and sick remarks people can make concerning other races but between us race was never a thought; but seeing. My young pale blonde haired daughter on her knees with Terayâs deep chocolate colored hands on either side of her head gripping it commandingly as she swallowed and choked, greedily I might add, on what seemed like mile after mile of black meat disappearing between her tiny pink lips and down her throat sent involuntary wave after of wave of wetness into the depths of my own crouch.

    Too much was going through me to try to deal with the situation at that moment. It was all I could do to get out of that room quietly and regroup, regain my own sense of balance before I dared try to confront those two. I wobbled back down stairs and fixed myself the stiffest drink of my life. I poured about a half a glass of straight Cognac, no chaser no ice and turned the glass upside down without spilling a drop, and Iâm no drinker! I drank till I collapsed on the sofa, mind running wild with conflicting thoughts, on emotional overload and perhaps the drinks, I began to sweat profusely and my body was shaking, trembling like an eight point earth quake! What the Hell had I just seen? The answer was inescapable but the real questions were. Was I hurt, angry or jealous or all the above? How in Godâs name does anyone handle such a situation? Do I tell the others or deal with it alone, my God; it wasnât fair why did I have to be the one to make this discovery? By the Grace of God, with all that pressure and of course my drinks, I passed out on that sofa and never knew when my husband came in or when Teray left.

    I decided not to tell the others at least not right away, I felt. I needed time to come to grips with my own soul before sending theirs into an equal or greater state of shock. I told myself Iâd wait for the right time to confront first my daughter then Teray, then if necessary the others. Weeks, months passed by and I never said a word, how could I? I wasnât sure what to say, I wasnât sure why Iâd be saying it. During those weeks and months, Iâd had many nights of waking up in overheated sweats with my sheets appearing as if Iâd been drenched in water. I would revisit that instant in time, that moment of seeing my precious baby on her knees acting like a shameless slut with more dick in her mouth than her own mother, having lived twice her age, had ever seen. It became apparent though I did all I could to deny it. That Iâd become more perverted in my attitude toward those reoccurring images than maternal. The woman in me was clearly jealous of my daughterâs whorish indiscretions or should I admit it, her good fortune.

    I would wake up nights shaking violently from visualizations of myself in her place. It would be me on my knees and it would be my throat that young Teray was ramming that telephone pole of a dick down. Iâd tell my husband I was having nightmares but as frightening as each one was. They were far from nightmares and they didnât just happen at night. I can vividly remember several days around the house having blatant unethical immoral thoughts towards the young son of my oldest and dearest friend. Because I said nothing, did nothing, he continued to come around as heâd always done. In that respect little changed, however. From that night on I never looked at him as the little boy whom I loved as my own flesh, again. The more I saw him the more he began to transform in my mind from little Teray into a big thick black cock that was driving me insane!

    As best I could without giving myself away I tried to keep tabs on those two whenever he was there. I tried to keep them from being alone in her bedroom or at least keep the door open but. There was little that I could do without appearing suspicious. My perverted thoughts got the better of me on more than one occasion. There were times as Iâd hear the loud music that I would go up to her door and peek in on them. Not knowing that I knew anything they trusted that Iâd stay down stairs as always and as far as the door, it was never locked only opened or closed. They would be so wrapped up in what they were doing they never noticed me looking through the door. I soon became addicted to watching them and even looked forward to Teray coming over. Once though the music was too loud for me to hear exactly what they were saying, but it was obvious that Teray wanted his dick sucked. My daughter was standing back towards him at her vanity mirror when he walked up behind her, spun her around facing him then manually grab a hand full of her hair forcing her to her knees and my daughter without protest. Seemed hungrily willing and ready to oblige him it was she who attacked his zipper and greedily began slurping away at his beautiful ebony stick.

    Another time and I believe this was the moment my mind officially crossed the line. They were sitting on the edge of her bed and she without provocation reached over and pulled Terayâs cock from his pants. Softly and genteelly she massaged, stroked and pampered it causing it to grow and grow till her little tiny hand vanished. She had a controlling grip of its base but it appeared that there was still twice as much cock left than her father or any man that Iâd ever had left uncovered. I knew then and there that though I didnât know how or when. I was going to get my lips around that beautiful black cock come hell or high waters. There were other episodes of course but this one was the deciding moment.

    Unexpecta ntly my opportunity came one record breaking hot summer evening. My husband was away on business. All the help had left for the night and Cherry at the last minute decided to stay over with a girl friend. It was evening the sun had gone down but the heat, the humidity was record breaking. Iâd been in various stages of undress throughout that day in the house under the air conditioner but was unable to find a comfortable state. I decided since I was alone and would be all night that Iâd go lye out naked by the pool. With the privacy fence and the acreage of our home this was no big deal. I took only a towel in case I decided to take a dip and my sheerest robe. To be honest at that moment Teray hadnât crossed my mind. Nevertheless about a half hour into my peace and relaxation there came a ringing of the door bell. I reached over pressing the intercom within armâs reach and asked âwho is it?â âTerayâ the voice on the other end responded.

    With the sound of his voice came vile wicked thoughts of mental confirmation that this night I was going to seduce suck and fuck the young son of my dearest friend. I was knowingly and willfully going to seduce a boy whose diapers I changed more times than I can remember. I was going to break rules, rules of friendship, motherhood and in many states, well, Iâll leave that alone. I grabbed my robe tying it only vaguely, and quickly made my way to the door. Before opening it I took a second quick glance at myself making sure Teray couldnât miss my inviting cleavage. My sheer robe isnât see through however it clings and hugs every accentuating point on my well kept tightly toned body. Upon opening the door I took charge of the situation. Knowing I had the upper hand as the so called adult and as someone heâd always respected, called and treated as âAunt Margieâ. Without looking back I let him in as always and candidly walked back towards the pool. I returned to my lounge chair and laid back out allowing my robe to creep open a bit further.

    Teray spoke of course then hurried up the stairs to Cherryâs room and of course she wasnât there. Naturally as I knew he would he quickly found his way to the pool area to ask me where she was? Nonchalantly I informed him she that she went to stay with so and so and invited him to have a seat anyway. Not wanting to give him time to try to leave or think at all for that matter. I struck up some bull shit conversation about how are things at school, his grades, his parents, anything to keep control of the circumstances. Once sure he was in no hurry I excused myself for a moment. As I got up I deliberately turned towards him âaccidentallyâ placing a hand on my robe so that as I stood. It would pull apart allowing Teray to get a quick unexpected sight of what a naked grown woman looks like. I of course apologized for what he saw but acted as If it was no big deal while disappearing inside the house.

    I returned with a couple of sodas and a pair of his baggy shorts. Like I said all his life my house was his second home. I told him since he wasnât in any big hurry and it appeared that poor little ole me would have to spend the night alone surely he could spend a little time keeping âaunt Margieâ company. Perhaps share a swim with me? I could clearly see he was getting uncomfortable looking but trying desperately not to look at the ever increasing amounts of naked flesh I continued to allow to be exposed to him. I wasnât about to give him time to process anything other than my body. I gave him the shorts, told him to go ahead and change. He started towards the house but I stopped him asking where he was going. He said to change then I pulled the Aunt Margie card and told him âboy I changed your diapers; Iâve seen all you got already.â Reluctantly, under heavy protest he pulled off the shorts he was wearing and Oh My God!

    Once his pants were down it became concretely apparent that his dick wasnât thinking âAunt Margie!â He tried to quickly get the pants off and the shorts on but I wasnât about to let that happen. As he stood there in his white boxers though he tried to conceal it, that big dick of his was already free of its restraints and calling my name. In the least alarming voice I could muster I said to him, âMy Teray, youâve certainly grown since I changed your diapers. Seems you got a large problem there. Not to be rude or anything but God itâs huge! May I touch it?â I didnât give him time to answer and like a lioness on cornered prey I pounced. I had his young black baseball bat of a dick firmly in my almost i****tuous hands. The physical line had been crossed and in my mind the only thing that made sense now, was to go for it, and I did.

    Teray was obviously in a semi state of confusion. This too worked to my advantage as I instantly dropped to my knees and completely freed the young black anaconda from its nest and simultaneously engulfing as much as I could in my mouth. Teray was young but he wasnât stupid! âOOOOh Aunt Margie! Whatâs happening? Oh shit! Youâve got my dick in your mouth! Oh damn! Iâm going to bust a nutt in your mouth if you donât move! OOOOh Aunt Margie, Aunt Margie, Iâm going to AWWWW â¦..â After which he proceeded to unload more cum down my throat than Iâd ever believed one pair of balls could hold. Stream after powerful stream of hot young black cum flooded and saturated my oral cavity. I couldnât swallow it fast enough, it just keep coming and coming! Finally it stopped and Teray went limp in my mouth. His dick, his young sperm tasted so good I had to force myself to release that beautiful cock from my mouth.

    After what seemed like an eternity of intense thick knife cutting silence I finally spoke up. Telling Teray that I knew and seen what he and Cherry had been doing and asked. How long it had been going on to which he informed me for about six or seven years. He told me that they just started experimenting and fooling around when they were younger and one thing just lead to another. I asked him how she managed to get his entire dick down her throat. I couldnât do it so howâd she. He told me that she loved dick sucking and many times would ask him if she could suck his cock just because, and of course he was all too happy to oblige. âHave you fucked her?â I asked. âSure, it took a while get all the way inside her. Cherry is extremely tight but she says she lived to get âourâ my dick inside her and refuses to fuck her white boyfriends. Oh sheâll give them hand jobs and the occasional cock suck but she wonât fuck anyone but me.â He informed me.

    Oh how his words made me envious of my own daughter; but what was that âourâ all about before he tried to clean it up? Iâd seen with my own eyes that the young slut could swallow far more of that cock than I could. Not to mention sheâs taking all that black mule of a dick balls deep inside her young tiny c**t. Damn I was out right jealous. As we lay out on the blanket talking I began to slightly fondle his cock and it didnât take much for it to standup at the ready position. I made a point to tell Teray that if he breathed a word to anyone about what had happen or anything else we were going to do before the night was over; there would be no telling how much trouble it would cause. Like I said he wasnât stupid, he understood and agreed to keep it between us. That was all I needed to hear, and upon hearing it. I picked up the phone and called my dearest friend and informed her. That Teray was at my house and had fallen asleep on the sofa. When and if he woke up Iâd send him home if not, heâd be home in the morning. As I was on the phone speaking with his mother Teray had one of my 36dd tits in his mouth slurping and sucking away like a starved newborn and two of his fingers, were probing away at the insides of my freshly shaved and hungry pussy.

    Keri must have heard the noise of his tit slurping because she asked me, âGirl whatâs all that noise in the background and whatâs wrong with your voice?â I told her something frankly I donât remember what but I cut the conversation short and before the phone was back on the hook. Young Teray had his tongue down dear ole âAunt Margieâsâ throat. His young fingers were digging aggressively away at my female hole. His method, his rhythm, his precision of finger fucking seemed advance, way to advance for someone of his years. Each piston like movement of his probing digits seemed to have taken me to level after level of new arousals and awareness. It was as if he was truly at home. He knew his way in and around a pussy much too well to be as young as he was. I lie not; he had my hips humping away involuntarily matching his every thrust. Iâd never been that aroused, that heated, that needy for a cock in my life, finally. I could take it no more! Words which Iâd never spoken or dared dream Iâd ever speak spewed out of my mouth. âOOOOOOH SHIIIIIT! FUCK ME! FUCK ME PLEEEASSSE TERAY! I NEED TO FEEL THAT BIG BLACK DICK INSIDE ME NOW, OOOOOOO GOD PLEEEEEEEESSSSSSEEE FUCK ME FUCK ME NOW!â Or somethings to that effect anyway!

    With those words came transformation in both myself and Teray! I became completely shameless and greedy as I begged him over and over to âFUCK MEâ. I PLEADED for his dick but Teray, transformed from a young black boy into something Iâd never seen or imagined in life. Yes there was transformation, a transformation of power. I was no longer in control, Teray was. He knew and he exploited it! He pulled his lips from my tits, his fingers from my pussy, stood up in front of me; grabbing two hands full of my hair he overpowered me to my knees and commanded âOPEN YOUR MOUTH BITCH! IF YOU WANT THIS BLACK DICK IN YOU SLUT ACT LIKE IT! CONVINCE ME YOU NEED IT WHORE!â I had no time to be in shock or upset at the way in which he was now talking to me. I opened my mouth as heâs ordered and in the blink of an eye he was pounding away at my tonsils like a runaway freight train.

    He showed me no mercy, no kindness as he kept pulling my face back and forth over that black monster by my hair. The more I choked, the more I gagged, spit and eventually cried, the more it edged him on to be even more brutal. He treated me like I was some tramp, a two dollar meth hooker off the street. Instead of someone he knew and I supposedly loved as family but what really frighten me was. The nastier he talked to me the rougher he treated me; the more I wanted to please him. He was determined to get every inch of that meat in my mouth! He was relentless as he forced inch after inch to disappear down my throat. Finally he did and as I saw myself, my face against his belly. My lips against his black balls, something inside me clicked. It was as if someone flipped on the switch and then there was light! He couldnât ram that dick down my throat fast enough or hard enough. My mouth, my face, my throat began to travel the length of that dick with rapid fire movements. I thought about how Iâd seen my daughter take it, love it and beg him to treat her strictly as an instrument for his aggressive and abusive pleasure.

    I thought to myself âSheâs the daughter, but Iâm the MaMa! Sheâs the copy but Iâm the ORGINIAL! Thereâs no way Iâm going to let that little slut out do me!â I grabbed Teray by his firm athletic black ass and went to work on that dick like a recalled laid-off factory worker Grateful to be punching the clock again! Neither my daughter nor this young stud was going to outdo me; it wasnât going to happen. Not in this lifetime! Teray pulled me by my hair forcing me to walk on my knees until he reached a wall against my house. He let go of my hair and tried to steady himself against that wall. It was I who was now showing him no mercy! I became an obsessed dick sucking goblin.

    Obviously I was doing a damn good job of it too. Teray was cursing and moaning so loud that if Iâd had neighbors they would have called the cops thinking there was domestic violence going on at my house. He kept calling me nasty degrading names, names fortified with racial insensitivity and humiliation and the more he did. The more I loved it and became even viler in my actions. I sucked his dick head, his big black balls and when he commanded me to do so. I tongued his asshole and I did it without hesitation. I wanted him happy and I gave no thought as to how humiliating or degrading it was to me. He loved it and that was all that mattered to me. Without warning he stopped me grabbed me again by my hair pulling me to my feet. He spun me around so that my face was to the wall commanding me to âBEND THE FUCK OVER WHORE!â In obedience I did as I was told and again. Without warning or preparation he rammed that black horse dick up my tight c**t. Thank God, by now I was already so soaked that my juicesâ had been running out my pussy and down my legs, otherwise. I would have certainly passed out from the length and the thickness of his massive meat.

    Iâd never felt so full I never knew such a feeling existed, not in my world anyway. He started with short slow powerful circular rhythmic strokes. His girth caused me to whence and utter sounds of c**t splitting pain. The wall became my friend my closest ally as every so often his pace would increase and his strokes became long dominating spine crushing thrusts! Heâd pull out till that big head attached to his dick would threaten to pop out then heâd savagely plow the entire length of his cock so deep up my belly that I felt empathy for gutted pigs. I understood what it meant to ripped open and I understood clearly what it meant to squeal like a hog being slaughtered alive. He used my pussy for his own pleasure with no thought or concern for my pleas to take it easy, to give me time to adjust to the size of the elephant dick pounding away at my tight insides and the more he ignored me, the hotter I got.
    To Be Continuedâ¦â¦â¦. ..

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    Straight Female / 24

    I went to college never having cooked, cleaned a bathroom, ironed clothes, pretty hopeless. My roommate came from a less spoiled home. She made it her mission to domesticate me, from laundry to housework to cooking. We found our groove, became best friends, her managing of my shortcomings helped me actually like doing it. Our laundry night was on Sunday, with pizza and a movie. After getting our chore done, we settled into a night under a warm blanket with our favorite movies.

    When we moved on to the bigger world I was prepared. Honestly I have a very nice trust fund, and my distributions permit me to have my housekeeper look after me and she takes care of things. But I know what she overseas with the staff and what the girls that do the housekeeping are up to. Sometimes I surprise them, I was taught well, and I can call their attention to things if I need to.

    I am still a movie and pizza night laundry girl, I go to my best friend's place, we wash and fold, order pizza, watch love stories, get under a large blanket and snuggle up. We can't do it at my house, my housekeeper has standards and she can't have me doing laundry.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    This goes back to sorority days and Nadia, a close female friend with benefits who was deeply into sex of any kind. She introduced me to lesbian sex before I had any sex at all and it was wonderful. She also fucked a lot of boys and the word was out about how fast and loose she was. We had a game where I hid in the closet, cracked the door and watched her. I was amazed how differently a few of the boys fucked. Some were imaginative. Others just jumped on her missionary style, got their climax then jumped off. Those were quickly removed from Nadia's list, never to get seconds.

    I used to masturbate a lot while watching her. Once in a while I would come when she did and I liked the psychological mood of that very much. Rarely, I would watch her with another girl and wanted to join, but for reasons I cannot now explain, I never joined Nadia in her adventures except for what I did in the closet, by myself.

    This is probably not the most startling confession on here but it's what I have to offer.

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    Straight Female / 40

    Everyone I supposed has a bit different path. One day you are ten and the next day you are fifteen. I was fifteen when I got touched. Touched as in a guy touching me, putting his hand between my legs and grabbing me. Somehow he got behind me and had me with one arm around my chest grabbing my boob and the other hand in my pants and getting his finger in me. From nothing to getting fingered. The next step wasn't hard, he got my pants down and I got fucked the first time leaning over trying to hold on to the wall. Even after he was done and pulled out I never saw his penis. I had been fucked and I never saw his penis or touched or nothing.

    The next time I was at his shop. I was in the office of his shop sitting in his chair. He unzipped his pants and had me suck his penis. It was the first time I saw a penis. I held it up with two fingers, I never grabbed it with my hand, he had both hands on my head, so I guess really I got face fucked.

    I turned 25 and I was living with him. I am 40 and I am living with him. I have never touched or put in my mouth or had another penis in me. It is not that you talk a lot about how many guys you have been with, but I have only been with one man. He really likes that, like it is some big deal. I tell him to tell me how many women he has been with, just to compare. A lot, I know that.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I am 33 and got put in my place. It was over behavior. I was getting drunk and he told me to stop drinking, I refused and he exercised his male privilege, his authority over me as my boss, his age difference, not to mention that he outweighs me by 100 pounds. He stopped me dead with his voice. I have worked for him for seven years and I have never heard him speak like that to anyone. He has always been over patriarchal with me, sometimes too much, but this time he was telling me to sit and shut up and behave, and I sat and I shut up and I behaved.

    My relationship with him now is much more patriarchal. Much more, it is absolute. He is now my father and I am now his daughter. My relationship went sexual. He is big enough to do what he wants, and I am small enough for him to do it. He chose to establish himself over me and he did. I don't tell him to his face, but I do say it to other people, he is Daddy and I don't break the rules.

    His hand on me is enough for me to be compliant. His voice has the same effect. When he comes to see me I let him pick me up. When he has sex with me I am all little girl which turns me on faster than you can imagine. I revert to being a child and he can carry me, take me where he wants, lay me down where he wants, strip me and do what he wants, any way he wants. After he has completed his mission, I crawl up into his arms to be held. That is one of the advantages of being small.

    I never felt this way before, I used to get angry and frustrated when he lorded it over me at work and would pull his father tone on me. I like being the daughter figure, I like being his object of desire. Now it makes my insides flutter, not to mention what it does to my kitti, when he calls for me or pulls me into his lap.

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    Lesbian Female / 32

    Some years ago I was seduced by a woman to sleep with a man. He asked for me, and sent her to fetch me. That night was my first menage a troi. Although the object was him, my reason was her. She is my reason today. To be hers I must be his. If love was simple I suppose we would never surrender. Surrender to him, and then be hers. I suppose it is not that complicated.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I got married and got the normal wedding gifts. My grandma gave me an envelope, she said to open it on my wedding night. After getting ready for my wedding night, hot bath and all, I opened her envelope. Just a handwritten note.


    That was her gift.

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