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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    When we arrived at Trish's cell this morning, the naked 28-year old was standing in the window waiting for us. Her right hand was cupped between her legs, partially covering her pubic hair and genitals. I chuckled a bit at the unusual sight.

    "Whoa girl, what have you got planned?" I asked.

    "Don't tell me you've gone pussy shy on us now!" yelled Tammy, the guard next to me.

    Trish, an inmate in maximum security isolation, is on full strip status. She sleeps, eats, interacts with guards, and does all her business in her cell in a state of total nudity. Trish has been on strip status for several months now and has actually handled it quite well, which is why her defiant pose surprised me. I asked her again what she was doing.

    Trish pointed to Tammy with her free hand.

    "I decided from now on I'm only gonna show my pussy to people I like and I don't like you!" she declared, confidently. Now I've heard it all!

    "Is that so?" replied Tammy, face flushing with anger. I stepped in to mediate.

    "Trish, you know you can't decide that on your own. Hands at your sides now or you're going in the chair."

    Frustration coursed across Trish's face. Her hand hovered between her legs, as though she were about to pull it back, but then she gripped a handful of pubic hair and stuck her tongue out at me.

    "My pussy my decision!" she yelled. Five minutes later Trish had been carried naked down the hall and placed in the restraint chair.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I read these confessions every week some are very good some are shit, I am turned on by i****t confessions I have never had an i****tuous relationship I don't know how I would respond if the opportunity arose, I would describe myself as a dirty bitch, because I am reading bestiality confessions at first I thought they were gross reading about a dog licking a woman's c**t, the more I read the more turned on I am, I keep thinking why not it wouldn't do any harm a dog wouldn't tell anybody, its not something you could tell your best and closest friend or even say your interested, the only experience I have had when I was asleep and I awoke to find the dog with his head up my skirt I shooed him off, but now I want the experience but ime a bit scared I have read stories about girls being knotted and caught in that position, how embarrassing, is there a web link, I don't have a dog at the moment I occasionally look after a friends dog, I know I will be called names I don't mind, would anyone like to say anything about my post

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    Straight Female / 28

    Even though I love men and only want to fornicate with a man, I find more pleasure and excitement watching tribbing videos, especially when I can get a good look at a nice set of tits. I don't know what it is about two pussies aggressively rubbing together until one or both women reach a climax, but I guess it's just something different. I have envisioned myself wearing nothing but thick white oversized over-the-calf socks while hitting an older woman from the back by tribbing or using an ejaculating dildo like what's seen in a futunaria porno while rubbing her nipples from underneath. Then, get rid of the dildo and start tribbing her missionary style while flicking my tongue on her nipples and she starts massaging mine while my strokes get faster and moans get louder.

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    Straight Female / 48

    My husband retired and to be frank it was the worst of times for me. He had always had a secretary and many underlings and he ordered me around. The worst part was being his secretary. I had enough and told him that he needed to hire someone to look after his affairs, I was out. Across the street from us lived a young married woman who always talked about needing money. She didn't work because her husband's work required him to travel out of the country, sometimes for a couple of weeks at a time. I liked her, we always got along and we talked about anything and everything and she spent lots of her lonely hours at my house. I asked her if she wanted to help my husband, it was mostly busy work but he would pay her and she could make a little bit of money and stay busy.

    Well the short story is that she fell in love with him. She is pretty in a Midwest sort of way and up until then when she started working with him I had never paid much attention to her like that. She is not some little petite flower, she is five nine, has ample hips and ample tits. And she started to come over in a top without a bra and not all her tops were appropriate for that. She leaned against him and rubbed her tits on his back, she let him put his arm around her and when she looked up to him she was begging for a kiss. Her first kiss was right there in the kitchen in front of me, he held her face in his hand and he gently kissed her lips. I didn't count but it was long, not a short little friendly kiss, he was kissing her and she let him kiss her.

    I didn't say a thing, I watched. From then on I was very aware of how she stood beside him, how she let him see her tits in her shirt, how she sat with her legs open, how she lowered her pants and sat on the toilet in the guest bath without quite closing the door. And I noticed his various stages of erection. But the big things were her tits, full and round and her nipples were always hard and she let him kiss her begging to be held or taken to bed. She and I were in the back room and I had a couple of tops that I had been given as gifts and never worn and I offered them to her. She slipped out of her top, her tits in front of my eyes, she slipped on the tops to try them on. And I wondered what my husband was going to do with those tits, was he going to feel her up the way she wanted, was he going to just lay her back on a bed and have sex with her, she was certainly ready and available.

    He was kissing her one morning, just standing there with her in his arms kissing her and pulling her close to him, she had her eyes shut and his hand slipped down her back and she didn't do anything. I stood and watched for a couple of minutes but decided that it was best if I just let her enjoy her moment. He left her with the paperwork and I cornered him and told him he was being very selfish, the poor girl needed him to either act or leave her alone. Just be nice to her, be gentle?, kiss her for real and take her on a merry-go-round ride, but stop teasing her, make love to her or break it off. He made love to her that afternoon, it was a total ceremony, I fixed the bed for them, I combed her hair, I helped her out of her clothes and gave her a clean nightgown, I told her that I was more than OK with it, I wanted her to enjoy being a woman. I would be outside in the den if she needed anything, but now was her time.

    When she came out she sat beside me for a long time before she spoke. I held her and let her say whatever was on her mind. I told her he really liked her, and probably loved her and she was free to love him, in fact I wanted her to love him, to feel she belonged in our house. They made love often enough, I enjoyed making the bed afterwards, feeling the warmth of the bed on my hand, smelling her on the pillow. I enjoyed him making love to her. I enjoyed combing her hair and dressing her. I enjoyed those wonderful tits, they made me feel things deep inside. When his hands were on her tits I felt that I could feel her tits in my hands, when his kisses were on her tits I could feel my lips on her nipples, when his hand slipped in between her legs I could feel my hand between her legs. It was a long time before I admitted to myself that I was in love with her and I made love to her vicariously through him.

    Seeing her, being with her after she made love proved to be the warmest moments for me. I waited for her to come out to the den, her smile and I could feel her warm body beside me. We sat on the couch and I combed her hair, and she leaned back and let me. She was my 'girl' too and I told her I loved her.

    Her name is Erin, she gave up her marriage which has given me so much relief and has she move in with us where she can be loved. I can't help but be in love with her tits, I never dreamt that one day I would be overwhelmed by a girl's tits. Incredibly my husband is more in love with her ass and her legs, her lips and her hair and pays scant attention to her tits.

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    Straight Female / 21

    Im masturbating as i write this, just humping my hand as i lay face down on my bed naked. im straight but i really wanna scissor some bitch and have our pussies grind hard against each other. the thought of getting my friend drunk then having my way with her turns me on. just our two wet pussies slipping and sliding as we fuck each others brains out is making me so fucking wetttttt. mmmmmmmmmm

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    Straight Female / 20

    This is my first serious relationship. I am so surprised at how much I enjoy being the girlfriend, his squeeze. I like being a total pussy.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    Even though I'm seventy-one now I had and still have a good sex drive. Always kept an open mind. Men, boys and a few women were always attracted to me because of my large breasts and thick thighs. Was married once to an older person for security reason and when he died I started playing the field again. Never married again. I played with older persons, younger persons, married ones, boyfriends of gals that I knew. Gone to nudist resorts, topless beaches and did some taboo.

    For ten years I enjoyed playing and being around my former female friend's boyfriend, Jon. We are living together now. He's sixty-seven and doesn't take Viagra. Can get hard naturally. We use to take quickies behind her back whenever possible. I always wanted him but didn't want to ruin my friendship with my good friend, Judy. Use to get it on when us three went camping, in the parking lot when the three of us went dancing. Groped each other in her kitchen. When she broke up with him two years ago I snapped at the opportunity of having him my live in partner. She hates me for that.

    Jon has a fetish for my huge veiny breasts. He's the type of guy I always dreamed about. Guess Judy didn't care for his sexual interests, only his endowment. We're what you call senior citizens, but we don't act it. We don't do swing clubs because members there go for the younger ones. Now and then we luck out with older couples on the internet. We sometimes hit a home run at the nudist resort. We cam sometimes on the internet, Jon putting vegetables in my vagina sometimes. Mostly me going down on him or his cock and balls tied while I slap his dick. Once in a blue moon we find a guy that has a mother or grandmother fantasy.

    I love it when he thinks of me as his slut whore. When I role play as a dog bitch in heat and he mounts me while I'm wearing a collar and leash. We both like when our little dog Ginger licks our genitals. Now and then we go to the beach and screw on the sand and there be someone willing to join in.

    I'm very glad Judy let Jon go. I think I found my life partner and hope we stay healthy and don't lose our sex drive.

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    Straight Female / 27

    It was sort of an affair at first sight. I went to work for the University Fund Raising organization for my Alma Mater. I had graduated from there with both my Bachelors and my Masters. I didn't get paid much, but of course I got paid with the pleasure of helping out my School. My job was boring. I was a clerk, doing summary work for the various endowments, the fund raising efforts, etc. No contact with any donors.

    One afternoon I got called by my boss and she told me to get her a report. I didn't now what report she meant and I asked her to please let me know which one it was. She yelled at me, belittled me, all of this was in front of one of the BIG Donors to our school. He got upset and told her to calm down, 'if the girl doesn't know what you are talking about she can hardly get it for you'. He asked me to sit, mostly because he didn't like me standing looking down at him. He offered me the chair beside him. All of a sudden I was under his protection, he was not nice, well actually he reamed out my boss and told her what he thought of her and as far as he was concerned he wasn't going to work with her anymore. The next thing I know I was called into the office of the Vice President of Administration and he told me that Mr. BIG Donor had specifically asked for me to work on his Endowment.

    I was 24 years old, a recent graduate, never worked at anything other than being a server at various restaurants and once I worked as a clerk over the summer for the State Farm Agent in my home town. Now I was meeting with him, going over his plans, and asking me what I thought about what was needed. My boss hated my guts but she had no choice but to accept her situation, and he didn't waste anytime telling her to leave me alone. I was his pet. And he petted his pet, my hand, my shoulder, my back. He received me in his office with a kiss on the cheek, and a hug which pressed me against him, whispering in my ear that I must have 'nice boobs'. He kissed me, to see if I liked it. He pulled me into his lap and his hand was in my crotch just like that. He whispered in my ear that a girl with a happy pussy made a good girlfriend and he wanted me to have a happy pussy. He fucked me that night, after taking me out to eat.

    I moved into an apartment that he kept in the hot zone of the city, three bedrooms, two baths, living and dining room and a gourmet kitchen. In the master he had a full size bed, in the guest rooms were queen size beds. He liked the full size bed so that his 'girl' was always close to him, where he could just grab her when he wanted her to pay attention to him. He liked oral sex, both giving and receiving, and he liked intercourse, straight up intercourse, whispering love words while he fucked. I was in all the way, and in over my head.

    One morning, he liked morning sex, while I was sucking his cock after breakfast, he kept putting this ring in my face, asking me if I liked it. He said it was his mother's, her wedding band and he wanted nothing more than I wear it and prove to him once and for all that I was his. I stopped and sat still while he touched my nipple with the ring and hung it on my nipple. He asked me if I had a happy pussy, if he made me the happiest girl around. He said he thought that maybe he would take me to Las Vegas over the weekend and bring me back his wife.

    Marrying a man who was twenty four years older than me scared me, I went cold and didn't know what to do. He was serious, I was scared. I was twenty five years old by just a couple of months, he was forty nine years old, with an exwife and two grown kids. But he had his mind made up and we flew to Las Vegas, stayed out by the airport at the Holiday Inn Express, he took me into town to a wedding chapel and after the paperwork and the ceremony I was his wife, no prenup, nothing. He screwed me the minute we got back to the motel, now I was his wife and he whispered that he wanted what every man wants from his wife.

    I am 27, I still feel like I am in an affair. I live in the BIG House, and his exwife lives in a BIG House almost identical to the one I live in. I spend a whole lot of time dealing with her, and all of her 'needs and wants'. I get lots of unwanted advise from her, not the least of which is to keep my legs together before he takes me seriously and puts kids in me. The master bedroom has a full size bed, he really likes having me right beside him, touching against him. I don't work on the Endowment anymore, unless speaking for the Endowment counts. He is really a morning sex man, we have sex almost always in the morning after breakfast and before we take our showers. He has a fetish for pussy, anywhere, anyhow, he doesn't mind if he has to peel me naked to get to my pussy. He means it when he says 'happy pussy'. Oral sex is an everyday thing, and he likes to have a dick massage. He married me and he tells me he loves me, but I still feel that I am in an affair and his exwife is still his wife. I know it is corny but I felt the affair the first day I met him in that conference room when he told my boss back then that she was basically a bitch.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 54

    Well I'm 64. Remember the song? I got married when I was twenty because I was pregnant and the boy felt obligated to marry me. In those days it was hurry up and have your family early, get it out of the way. Three pregnancies, four kids before I was twenty five. By pure luck with help from my girlfriend I managed to finish my degree.

    My husband did well working in sales so I was kept at home with the kids. Happy life, lonely life. My girlfriend was my sole mate, soul mate and lover. We were 'girlfriends', long before girlfriends were popular. My husband never tore us apart, nor did he look for flings outside of our 'quaint' life. He loved me then and loves me now. Accommodation of his 'needs', and living up to all the homemaker role was my place in the home. I loved being a mother, something I never felt the 'need', it was thrust upon me. Children make you human.

    Somewhere in our path we just accepted our condition. Love is magical, and believe me you can 'learn' to love a man, to the point that you accommodate him. After all you are his wife. And being kept is the way to go. My girlfriend, we have been together since our freshman year when we found ourselves in Biology 101, she held my hand and kept me from flunking out. She was in her element and became a nurse, I graduated finally with an Econ degree but never worked. I met my husband through her. She rejected him and he fell in my lap, literally.

    She became more accommodating as the years went by, you just have to living under a mam's roof. Like me, in time, she found herself and her place with him. It is forty five years now, a long time together. Our secret is never stop saying I Love You, even if you are upset. Why he kept us is our unanswered question, having such a fertile field to play in. Yes, one day I knew he 'loved' me, his wife. Part of me meant accepting my girlfriend, we were a package deal.

    Sure, accommodating him was our make it work project, swallow your pride and learn to like it. The rest was easy, being married was easy. One day, deep in his arms, I slipped and told him I loved him. My girlfriend had to follow, declare herself too. We were young, still in our twenties. Youth! We blamed it on youth. The best accident of our life.

    We are, always have been, sister wives.

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    Straight Female / 46

    It's Sunday morning and I woke in bed with a girl again. I met up with her a couple of weeks ago and this is the second time that we wake up together. In part I feel terribly guilty, about the things we did last night. She invited me into the bed by spreading her legs out and asking me to go down on her. I did that the last time we slept together.

    I really don't understand the appeal, part of me felt it was gross looking at he naked wide open pussy and part of me felt very erotic. She is 25 and she works as a cocktail restaurant close to my work. I am 46 and I cannot even remotely hope to look like her. Playing in bed she likes to be hugged, cuddled, which leads me to hold her breasts, which she seems to really like.

    We did kiss which I understand is the thing you should never do in any casual relationship.

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