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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 22

    It started with 3 girls renting a 3 bedroom house near where we work together. One of the girls moved out last year so we put a note on the bulletin board at work for a new roommate. This guy Darren who works in the shipping department contacted me and we let him move in. He seemed like a nice guy but we never thought he was on drugs. During the weekdays he never seems high and was just a real quiet guy. He is cute but is always like an introvert and never has much to say keeping to himself most of the time. On Fridays and Saturdays we don't know what he is taking but often becomes incoherent and passes out for as long as 5 to 10 hours or more. At first we were afraid he was overdosing but it is only the way he reacts to the drugs he takes. Its always pills but we still don't know what they are. My other roommate Jill is also my best friend and after the first month we talked about kicking him out. Fact is, he pays his share of the rent on time, never makes a mess, eats out every weeknight and is in his room most of the time. On weekends he is like a zombie or totally passed out and every Sunday he visits his mother. It was last February when Jill and I began amusing ourselves at Darren's use of the drugs he is taking. He came home on a Friday night and we didn't hear a peep out of him. It was about 8pm on that Saturday that Jill was concerned that he might have overdosed or maybe he was dead. She opened his bedroom door a bit and there he was flat on his back naked and snoring. We both went in his room and Jill actually shook his shoulder to wake him but there was no reaction. He kept snoring and we openly joked around about his penis and balls. We were even laughing at times and Jill brazenly pulled his legs apart exposing him to us. It didn't matter how loud we were because Darren was stoned on whatever he was taking. Jill is the funny one both at home and also well liked at work. She left the room for a minute and came back with a pair of tongs from the kitchen. I just broke out laughing when she used them to take hold of his penis and lift it straight up. she shook it and as loud as we were then Darren never moved an inch and just kept snoring.

    That was just the beginning of how we began entertaining ourselves at Darren's expense. Its always on Saturday nights because that is when he is so stoned he is unconscious for hours. Jill started it all but I became just as guilty and we began making a party of it. There are two of our other friends who have come over once in a while and have watched and laughed as we mockingly play around with him. The tongs are no longer used in the kitchen and Jill bought feathers from a costume store. Sometimes he passes out with his underwear still on and Jill and I now just take them off and he has no idea we are in his room. He seldom locks the door but when he does we simply pick it open. Jill started it but I participate each time and our two friends have also. One of us will take his penis in the tongs and the other will tickle his penis with one of the feathers until he gets an erection which sometimes seems to take forever. We let his penis go limp then start over again. We have thought about trying to jerk him off but so far are content watching his penis get hard and seeing it go back down limp. Jill is relentless with it all and if he is sleeping on his side she just rolls him onto his back and he doesn't ever wake the slightest bit. Months ago she came in with a thermometer and we roared laughing as she took his temperature anally and it was normal. She does this almost every week since then. We spend at least an hour or more doing this to him and there are times when we cause him to get an erection 4 or 5 times just letting him get soft again. I only use the tongs but Jill holds his penis now and I think she really does want to see if she can make him cum. We both have taken pictures of him but never let his face be seen in them, only his genitals and anus with the thermometer in it. He rarely even speaks to us when he is coherent and I can't remember ever having a serious conversation with him. He is completely oblivious to what is going on and how we treat him like a toy. I have asked people who work in his department about him and they say he keeps to himself and is a loner. One guy I asked said he thinks Darren is gay but I don't know if that is true or not. Nobody seems to know much about him and all I know for sure is he is sober Sunday afternoons when he goes to see his mother. This past July Jill and I met his mother one Sunday when she came here. She seemed like a normal person and a very nice woman. I doubt she knows her son is taking the drugs on weekends. She thanked Jill and I for letting him share our house. She would die if she knew how we take advantage of him and the things we do to his body. Jill is so funny with the way she does things and the remarks she makes it just makes it more fun every week. Last Saturday she took a black marker and put little dots on the bottom of his scrotum. So this week we will see if they are still there. We never do anything that would hurt him but we have so much fun just playing with him.

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    Straight Female / 55

    I am not sure about this so please bear with me,

    In my home there was never any discussions about sex or genitals or anything like that. Everything I learned was at school or from friends or later on from personal experience. I had a girlfriend from school that used the word pussy with me and it was the first time I heard it although I didn't understand why it would be called pussy.

    I found my clit by accident when I was around eight and started to play with myself after that. I started to insert things around ten. I really didn't start to think about a penis until I was around fourteen. Once I discovered a penis I was an easy fuck. I got pregnant but had a miscarriage. I was then put on the pill. My parents just didn't talk about it. I fucked all the time, it was pretty sad because I was still fourteen and it didn't matter where I found a dick to fuck with. My favorite fuck when I was fourteen and fifteen was the man that worked at the store that we went to with my family. Looking back he was a weirdo and he liked girls, he taught me to fuck bending over.

    It wasn't until I was pretty much an adult that I learned that fucking wasn't what I should be doing, a lady at my job told me that I had a very bad reputation. But I still fucked. I loved fucking.

    I was never a cocksucker, I did suck cock but I never got anything out of it. I liked having my tits kissed and touched, but I never liked having my pussy fingered. I never did anything in my ass. Still don't.

    I am 55 years old now and I work as a bookkeeper for a small company. I will fuck a bedpost. I have a boyfriend.

    I never got married, I guess no one wanted a woman with a used pussy. But believe me I have met many used dicks and they don't seem to have a problem getting married. Just an observation.

    I guess I am what is called white trash.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    The best way for me to describe this is when sex went to far. I worked as a maid in the household of a wealthy divorced man. The live-in and part of my arrangement was that I could go to college during the day, which he pays for. I had to wear a uniform so that neighbors don't think I am a live in girlfriend. I had the use of a car and I got paid decently enough for what is really a part time job plus a I got room and board. He worked all day and he was decent enough with me when we did have to talk but he kept to himself and I kept to myself. I had a room with private bath and the room has an alcove sitting area where I had my desk for my school work. Other than being the 'maid' if is the easiest job I have had in college and it paid pretty well considering he is paying my tuition and books.

    He is 51 and he got divorced three years ago because he was found with another woman. Not news but it is true, a woman in his office, much younger and of course she is very good looking as you would expect. The problem wasn't just that he was having an affair with her it is that she got pregnant. I know most of this because I baby sit her son and slowly these things come out when we are talking. She isn't ashamed or anything, she doesn't see anything wrong with having a child with him, in fact she wants another one.

    Most of the time they see each other at her place but sometimes she is at his place and stays the night. The next day when I make up the room it is obvious in so many ways that they are 'active' in sex. I know she does anal a lot because she constantly complains that he 'took her ass'. She masturbates a lot because when I have been to her place to clean up I find evidence when she leaves her 'aids' out for me to clean. She tells me which do what for her and which ones I should buy and whether I want one. She is very open about sex especially when she gets talking about anal sex. She tells me it feels good but it makes her feel like she is a dog or something. But she whispers that getting fucked in the ass is OK and I should try it.

    The other day I was watching her baby while she went to the hairdresser and when she came to get him we sat and had coffee. She asked me what was the biggest cock I sucked. I told her that I really didn't like talking about sex and I didn't remember things like that. She ignored me and she said that one day I should suck his cock, he is 'huge' and she bet I couldn't swallow him. I asked why she was suggesting that I do something like that with him. She was matter of fact and said that he wanted to fuck me. I asked her if she was OK with that and sure she was OK, she wanted to watch. It was like "look let's do it, you watch, I watch, let's see if you can swallow him".

    I don't know if I was uncomfortable, I had talked with her so much and I took care of her baby and I went to her place to clean for her and she told me everything about having sex with him, especially when he 'took her ass last night' and now she was talking to me about getting together with her and having sex with him and swallowing him. My coffee got cold, she stood up and took her baby from me and said she wanted us to have sex, she and I. After we had sex then we could talk about having sex with him.

    It took many more talks and it happened when I was at her place cleaning for her that I let her kiss me and agreed to lay down on the bed with her. Her son was asleep and we had the baby monitor and she did everything. We got dressed and we had coffee together, she and I have coffee together all the time. Now that we were close, we could talk about things of the heart. She started out with 'do you love him?'. I said no. She said she loved him, that was her problem. She asked if I had feelings for her. I said no, not in that way. She said she didn't know either, probably yes but she didn't know. She repeated that she wanted us to have sex with him and she wanted to watch.

    We had sex, she and I several more times, in fact many more times and the subject always came up, why didn't I want to have sex with him. By then we were pretty comfortable with each other and we had become outwardly pretty affectionate as well. Any barriers I had were gone and I was more comfortable telling her how I felt. I was honest in telling her that she was his girlfriend and that knowing that he knew that we were having sex didn't make it easier. I still chose not to have sex with him but really just because to be honest it made me uncomfortable that she was having sex with him and I had to put my hand over her mouth when she started talking about how he had 'taken her ass'.

    The day we did have sex together she had arranged for her son to stay with her mother for the weekend. It was at his place, there was a lot of pretend drinking and getting naked in the living room, she gave him oral and pretended to try and swallow him, it was all so fake. He had out and out sex with me, but it was all about him not about me. She watched but after he finished I told her that was once and I wasn't going to do it again and I didn't want to watch him have sex with her. I told them that I had to quit working there like that, the whole thing messed me up.

    After I quit I wasn't able to end my relationship with her, I baby sat for her all the time, and I helped keep her place clean and orderly. I haven't moved in with her but I am seeing her in a girlfriend way, he continued to pay for my college and I got a job working on campus. I never set out to meet her or to have sex with her, I didn't set out to have a relationship with her, I never knew that I would want to have a relationship with her. Finding her is as much a surprise to me as it is to anyone. I definitely do not want to have sex with him again and I don't want her to continue to have sex with him. Maybe I am possessive it that way, if I am she made me that way. I do go and clean up for him and he pays me. I do not like to see her with him, she doesn't tell me details anymore because she knows it upsets me, she just wants another baby. She should have her other baby, I want that for her. I guess I am not as opened minded as I thought I was.

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    Straight Female / 29

    I am 29 and single and I started getting these unending babyfever feelings and I let myself get pregnant with a coworker. I haven't told him, I don't even know how to approach it. I am happy in a way I can't explain but scared in a sober sense. I am single and I don't really make that much money, I only make 56K a year. It feels good to be pregnant, what can I say.

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    Straight Female / 35

    Twelve years ago out of convenience and a bit of romanticism I agreed to share my boyfriend with my best friend. Since then we have molded and bonded into a two mothers one father family. Our husband travels fifty percent of the time, as mothers we chose to forfeit a few pennies for the pleasure of becoming traditional homemakers and mothers. We have never looked back.

    We 'know' of other poly families, we vacationed to meet a family in Iowa. Like us there are two wives. We found what we discovered, your sister wife is your true soul mate. Your husband is a man and can never be your sister, so much so that in our opinion it is more of any man will do, but your sister wife is a hand in glove relationship. 'How do I love thee, sister dearest, let me count the ways...' or something like that.

    I am 'married' to her on a level which I don't think a man can understand.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I am 19 and my grandmother calls me a fledgling that has to leave the nest. I don't want to go out and live on my own. I had sex with a guy the other day, he is a man and not a boy. He is my 'boyfriend'. He said he feels uncomfortable coming to my grandmother's house to see me. He wants to spend the night, not just have sex in a hurry. I know my grandmother knows that I am having sex with him. My grandmother called me a 'woman'. I don't feel I am ready to be a 'woman' yet. I like my room, I like my house, I don't want to go live in an apartment and have a roommate. I don't want to grow up. I don't want to find out what is on the other side of the hill. I just don't want to leave home.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I sent this letter to her and I am waiting for an answer.

    "I am the other woman. The one that your husband married and left you for. I am 20 years younger than you, but I am not more beautiful than you, or smarter or a better housekeeper or a better mother. What I am is younger. I have never been able to put my finger on why your husband chose to leave you to marry me. I didn't have more to offer, except like I said I am younger. I have the same college education you do, I got pregnant just like you.

    I feel, but I don't know, that your husband wanted more children. I married him and I became pregnant pretty fast, he really wanted another family bing, bang, boom. So, he didn't want to be single again, or go gambling, or spend time with his buddies. He wanted to have a family and sit down to dinner and have Christmas morning. I am sure that when you had his first family you also sat down for dinner and had Christmas morning. So I still don't get it.

    I want to reach out to you, I know that your economic circumstances are not good. I think about that a lot. I am living in a nice home in a nice neighborhood, not as nice a home or as nice a neighborhood you lived in before he divorced and married me, but still a nice neighborhood. But it is much nicer to where you live now. I know where you live because I grew up in that neighborhood. My mother was you, divorced with two kids and waiting for her child support check. I make sure that the child support check is in your bank account on the first of the month, before I pay any other bills. I think about that a lot.

    I do not know why your husband wanted me and he chose to leave you. I really don't. He had me anyway, just not out in the open. So it can't be about sex. He had far more sex with me before he divorced and married me than he has now. Far more, I don't want to sound like that is what it was all about, but it was. It was about having sex, I waited for him to come by, we had sex and then I needed him to leave so I could go out with my friends. Now of course he has sex and spends the night, every night. And I sleep with one eye open in case one of the kids turns in their bed and I am wide awake. It must be a mother thing. What I am trying to say if it was about sex he would have kept me for sex and kept you for the family living.

    I am not here to say I am sorry, I am not. I am talking to him about something that may make you nervous. I am talking to him about the idea of buying another house in the same neighborhood we live in so that you can move here and you don't have to live in the neighborhood you are in. I grew up there and I don't want your children growing up there. I am a mother now, I guess that is why I am thinking like this. You can pay rent, the same rent you pay now, but you live here, near us, where we can help each other. I need help with baby sitting, especially after school care. My kids are growing up and they will be in school soon. And I can help you, if anything help you live in a nicer home and your kids can go to high school here.

    I think he is thinking about it, he got a big bonus and I put the money aside. It is enough for a down payment.

    I sign off as Respectfully yours, my heart is open, will you come in?"

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    Straight Female / 32

    I have a past. In college I was a hooker, a nice hooker that worked through a madam and stayed busy and made a lot of money. I graduated debt free and had enough savings to put down on a condo when I got out of college. My story was that my grandmother gave me the money for my graduation and my parents paid for my education. During my days working as a hooker I met a man who asked for me every time he came to town. He paid for the day or night and liked having me be his girlfriend. This happened many times and I learned a lot about him and I told him a lot about myself. He never had a problem with me being a hooker.

    I am now working as an account executive for a major retailer of high end jewelry. When I meet with some rich lady and she buys thousands of dollars of jewelry I always imagine that sometime in the past I was a hooker for her husband. I guess it makes me feel better getting her to buy jewelry she doesn't really need.

    The problem with my past is that I can't seem to get serious with a man. I date, I go out, I have sex, I do it all, not for money anymore but I do the dating game. But if a man gest serious I run for the hills. I miss the man that wanted me for a girlfriend when I was in college, I know it was fake and he was paying for a hooker, but it is the only time I felt something, I really felt something when I had sex with him.

    I am changing jobs, I want to go work someplace where I don't meet rich people. I really do want to find an everyday man and get married and have a family.

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    Straight Female / 49

    I accepted a ride from a guy from my job at the Dairy Queen. He drove around and around and we ended up at this apartment complex on the other side of town. He took me into his apartment and put me on his bed and took off my clothes until I was naked except for my panties. He had his dick out and he gave it to me to suck and then gave me a titti fuck and when it was time for the real thing he spread me open but left my panties on and dry humped me until he came. He took me home with his sticky mess on my stomach and dropped me off a block from my house.

    He was a bad boy from across town and I was sixteen and I was a good girl from the right side of town. It is all in the past, but it was my one experience on the wild side and I have never forgotten it.

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    Straight Female / 23

    Out of college and unemployed my father recommended me for a housesitting job. The owners are friends of my father, it was basically a rent free arrangement but no pay. I went jogging in the morning and this doctor met up with me to run. He was newly single, still stung from his divorce but he was all over me trying to get me to go out with him. After a couple of weeks I agreed to go out and we went to a jazz bar. He noticed I was bored so we left and ended up on the doorstep of the house I was sitting. He had me in a trance, laughing and touching each other and then a kiss and then we went inside and then I was in bed with him. Long story short I dated him and he asked me to marry him and here I am, still unemployed but housekeeping in my new house. I landed a doctor, sure he is forty-three with an ex and two kids but he is happy to have me.

    I started to say I got married for the money but it isn't true, my family has money I married him because I wanted to.

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