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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 31

    I am 31 and I am in an affair with my boss. He is of course older and he is married and he has kids and all. He is also wealthy. I started working for him when I was 24. From the first day I went to work there he ogled me, stared down my front. I wore a dress one day and he told me to twirl for him, show him what I was made of. He didn't like pants, he liked my legs so I wore dresses to work. He moved me around from spot to spot, I got raises every time I moved. He said things to me, like he thought I was pretty, he liked my clothes, he spotted my new shoes, he gave some real nice earrings for my birthday, he sent me to a class for two weeks in New York. He took me with him on a customer call in Paris. He fucked me in Paris. I knew that when I packed my bag, I took things that he liked me to wear. He is a cotton panty guy, he likes me in cotton panties, he never liked the Victoria Secret look, he wanted a flash of white when I sat down or he lifted my dress from behind.

    In Paris a lot of things happened, I told him I loved him and I didn't care if he was married. I told him that my dream was to live with him one day and I could wait until he was ready. I wanted something from him, something mine that he gave me and only he could give. I never thought of a son, I was thinking of some kind of jewelry from Paris. But I got a son instead.

    He is not going to divorce his wife. I live better than I could on my own. I work at his office in a made up position of customer relations and everyone knows that he is the father of my son. His secretary of many years, she is forty three and is responsible for paying my bills, she gets the money and she pays the bills. Once upon a time when she first went to work there he banged her for a while but he told me that she just couldn't stay calm. I got the message, stay calm and don't ask to get married. She thinks she is my mom, I get tons of advise and she wants to help raise my son.

    My place is conveniently located, a nice townhouse with an attached garage, between the office and his house and he stops by for a quick one, or if his wife is tied up in some thing of her own he plays with my son. My son is three and he calls his father John. It hurts that he doesn't say daddy. But of course I have to stay calm. He likes me in a certain way, he has a thing for dresses, he likes my legs and he likes my boobs in bed. When he has sex he is expressive, demanding, he likes me more than he lets on. He likes me more than his wife. He can't control himself and he tells me he loves me and to take care of his son.

    My life is seeing him at work, sharing my life with his secretary, she takes care of the money. She can't fall out of love with him, I have heard that hundreds of times now, she is warning me I know. She hasn't had sex with him for several years, she did when he started with me but now it is me, so she gives of herself by looking after him at work and his personal things, and looking after me. And my son. I don't talk about our sex life, it upsets her but she does want to know that he is having sex with me on a regular basis, and I know that she tells him to make sure that he is paying attention to me. She is blunt, in an affair it is about sex and love comes second.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    My grandmother had a maid who lived with her. She was foreign and spoke English with an accent and when my grandmother went out we stayed with the maid. We, meaning my younger sister and I, were pretty obedient and we got along well with the maid. Then the day came when we went looking for the maid and she was in her room changing and we found her naked, she was a lot whiter than we thought, she had a big bush for a small woman, her breasts were small but with brown nipples. She stood there and looked at us and we stood there and looked at her.

    Without saying a word she kept getting dressed, put one leg on the bed and opened her legs and rubbed this cream in her pussy, and then rubbed the cream into her ass. Grabbed a pair of purple panties and put them on, her matted hair coming out the edges, she rubbed the cream on her breasts, and pinched her nipples with it and put on her bra and then she put on her uniform. She patted our faces as she walked out of her room and we got up and followed.

    She woke us up every morning but the next morning she didn't leave, she got us out of bed, stood us up and stripped us naked for our shower and didn't leave the bathroom. When we were done she got us out of the shower and dried us off standing us on the toilet and then she took the jar of cream she had used in her bedroom and rubbed the cream on our pussies and in our butt and on our pretty small breasts. From that day on the maid bathed us, washed our hair, dried us off and she used her cream on our pussies, butt cracks and boobs, we had grown boobs and hairy pussies and she still bathed us.

    I was fifteen when she gave me the jar of cream so that I would rub the cream into her pussy and in her butt crack, and used my fingers on her butthole just like she did with me. I went about my duty with a straight face, rubbing the cream all over her breasts, and paying close attention to her nipples. After I was done she kissed me on the mouth. Later that night when I was in bed she came to my room, by then my sister and I slept in separate rooms, and she sat on the side of the bed and she gently played with my pussy, first over my panties and then she put her hand in my panties and found my little bean and massaged me into an orgasm, kissing me deeply when I went into the orgasm, then leaning over and rubbing her breast across my face. I ate her pussy the next day.

    I didn't on purpose tell you what her name is, or how old she was when we first went to live with our grandmother, she took care of me and my sister until we were off on our own, and when I set up my home she came to help me with my kids. I could eat her pussy for an hour, I sucked her nipples and she sucked my nipples, we lay on the bed side by side and kissed, sometimes I would hold my mouth open a little and she would use her tongue to lick me and lick around inside my mouth, sometimes she just had to look at me and let me know she was my lover and she disapproved of my husband. My husband never guessed or if he did he never said anything, I was way too old for a maid bathing me, drying me off and rubbing her creams into my pussy and my ass. After so many years both my sister and I used the cream every day, even when we had to apply it ourselves. The memories of our days growing up at grandma's house are the best memories that I have. Thanks to her and I will always take care of her, she just isn't that much older than me.

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    Straight Female / 25

    One of my sexual fantasy is to live in a big house with four men. To sleep with them naked on a big bed and every morning the two of them do massage to every part of my body and then have sex with me. Later i would go for a shower with the other two men and have sex with them in the shower. On my job i would have sex with my boss everyday so he will pay me more than other employees. When i would finish my job i would go out with my girl friends and have fun together drinking etc. And when i would go home i have a shower with my four men and then i would have sex with the four of them on bed and then sleeping together.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 50

    Going back to the early 1980s I had just graduated and I had my first salary job at the 'plant'. I was assigned to the boring entry level job and I met three other girls who were also there straight out of college. T, K, M and me, the group of four.

    T is a Daddy's girl, always has been. K is the college girl who knew all the football players, M is difficult, opinionated and religious, and me I was the baby of the four and the one with no experience, I had never hugged a boy. We hang out, we have lunch together at the same table, we go to the movies, and we start to explore. K likes to party and she takes us to this club, dark and expensive and the girls dressed in very tight short dresses, lots of making out on couches, hands up the crotch, hands down the pants type of place. K loves it, T sits back to look, M is outraged and I can't take my eyes off this girl who is being felt up by this guy and I get my first butterfly feeling in my pants. I don't say anything, I pretend to be fine with the place. That night I can only think about that girl and tear myself up masturbating wishing I was that girl but I never say anything.

    We go out together, the group of four because we have no dates and don't know anyone yet. We go to the club. K meets guys, she is friendly and outgoing and she has the look and wears the clothes. T hangs back, M is always objecting and I am always wet, I get wet watching K get her boobs into a guy, watching K's skirt slip up her legs, looking at K panties under her skirt across from me. K watches me and right there in the club she opens her shirt, she is braless and gives me a tittie flash. Later when we are in the ladies room she puts her arm around my waist and says that I need to get laid and she is going to find a guy to do it.

    There is a group of guys standing around and K walks up to one of the guys, an older guy around thirty and pulls on his arm and asks him if he wants a blowjob. She points at me and brings him over and tells me that he wants a blow job. She sits him down at our booth and opens his pants and takes out his dick and sucks him hard and then tells me she set it up and suck him dry. Embarrassment, K looking at me like that, T pushes me towards him and I fall on my knees and I give my first blow job, the entire time I am blowing him I am looking up K's skirt, her small panties wrapped around her pussy, her legs opening and closing as she shifts around while she keeps holding on to his dick. I am sure that she jerked him off to cum but he was in my mouth when he did. I had my first orgasm without masturbating.

    She got his name and number and invited him and his friends to a party for them at my apartment. K told me that I was going to get laid, I had to get laid. The guys come over, we have all sorts of snacks, we put the football game on for them, we have beer and K sits on a lap and T sits on a lap and I sit on the lap of the guy I blew at the club. M stands and her date for the evening stands up and gets close to her and she is the first one to get laid. T is making out with the guy, and the guy I am sitting on has his hands up my legs rubbing me and asking for tit and K is blowing the guy. K announces that no one gets laid in the bedroom, she and her date move the coffee table out of the way and she lifts her skirt and pulls her panties off and lays back on the carpet and gets laid in front of me.

    I loose all interest in the guy, I am so upset that K is getting laid, my guy pushes hard and gets me on my back on the couch and has to tear my panties off to screw me. I get screwed on the couch but I can't keep my eyes off of K. T is screwing with her date, she is all over him and M and her date who already screwed are standing around watching. After everyone is laid we sit in laps or beside the guys and finish watching the game. We had been at our new job four weeks that weekend and had known each other four weeks and we had our first mass screwing.

    But K figures out that I am hot for her and she approaches me the next morning and asks if I have a problem with guys, my guy pretty much has to force me to screw, she pulled up her skirt and she had no panties and asked me if that is what I liked, if I wanted pussy to ask. She sat on the couch and opened her legs with her feet on the coffee table and told me to get down on my knees and eat her. I loved her pussy, I just loved her pussy and she let me eat and ran her fingers thru my hair saying soft things to me. When I finished or when K finally lifted my face up T and M were standing there. No one said anything.

    The group of four is older now, we all got married, everyone had kids, K moved for her job with her husband, T and I lived in the same city all this time, M married and divorced and is remarried. It is a long time since we had our mass sex parties, because we had many more parties after that weekend and I always ended up with the same guy, always screwed by him and K always came later to give me pussy and to make out with me. K has moved closer now, she bought a house in a lakeside development, T is a widow and she substitutes with my husband, M has her issues, she is still very religious and opinionated and regrets the days she just let that guy screw her, her husband is like her and not any fun. K came to see me and after we had some cheese and wine she pulled me down into my overstuffed sofa and we had an afternoon together, her pussy is still that pussy I fell in love with back when we were kids, except now we do more than that, we lay together and kiss and tell. K's husband is a man with no imagination, but he made a lot of money, T like I said substitutes with my husband and he likes her a lot, and K and I are hotter than ever now that she is close to me. M, well M has her problems but we are still the group of four, we have dinner every month, we look after each other, we do not have mass sex parties, at most it is T and my husband and then K and me but we do it alone without an audience.

    In a perfect world, T should have married my husband, M should have married K's husband, K and I should have faced reality and lived together, because I was smitten by her and she has kept an eye on me. K tells me now that the day I first ate her she knew that her heart was with the wrong person, but the times required her marriage to her husband.

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    Straight Female / 52

    I am a 52 year old grandmother and work in sales at the local mall. I have a client that comes to see me when he is looking for a gift for his wife or his daughter or some other female in his family. This time he comes and says he is looking for a gift for his girlfriend. I look at him and he says he is looking for something nice for her, but not too nice so she doesn't get any ideas. It is her birthday and she is going to turn 25 and he was thinking of some earrings, nice but not too nice.

    I have known this man for several years and I have met his wife and once I met his daughter and now he is asking me to find something a 25 year old girlfriend, that is younger than my daughter. Since he mentioned her I asked him some questions, where did he meet her, was she really a girlfriend or was he pulling my leg. He assured me she was a girlfriend, like a sleeping with girlfriend and she worked for him and he was as surprised as anyone but she wanted it so he took her up on it. I couldn't help but take the wife's point of view and told him so.

    Move forward, that conversation that day and looking for a gift broke the ice in all kinds of ways. He brings me a gift, a gift card to a local restaurant and says that if I felt like it I could invite him. Oh, so now he is hitting on me. Well he does, and more, and basically he says that he wants us to go out. I ask him if his wife was ok with that and he answered the old standby what she doesn't know can't hurt her. And "oh, by the way, I have always admired you". But now that we are talking he talks up my looks and my grandmother figure and well while he is at it he tells me that the first thing he notices is my cleavage.

    He talks me into meeting him and he talks me into riding with him in his new car and he stops at the Drury Inn and says he has a room already and he really wants to get with me, that he has been dreaming about it since we talked at the mall. He is not a man without experience and I find myself on the hotel bed naked with his hands on my breasts and his lips on my nipples and his hand goes down to my thigh and up between my legs and he gets between them and gets in position and he gives me a full court press. The thing is so good that I forget where I am and I have an orgasm, an honest to God real sex orgasm. He withdraws his wet thing and I spend several minutes taking care of it, cleaning it until I feel like putting it in my mouth and sucking him until he is hard.

    We spend the afternoon at the motel, looking out the window from the seventh floor at the highway and the restaurant that we had lunch. His penis gets hungry again and after sucking my breasts and feeling me up some more he asks me to get on all fours and he gives me a fucking from behind. I enjoy it, despite the fact that I am too old for that sort of thing, he enjoys and tries hard to cum, but he has to get me back over on my back for that. I get fucked twice that afternoon, and I get to lay naked on the bed with a naked man. After sex I ask him about his girlfriend, the one at work that he bought the earrings for.

    He says she is nice, but she never shuts up and she wants to tell him everything and all he wants is what he got that afternoon, some serious fucking. He still sees her and he still takes her out but she is a bit boring to him. I ask him to contrast and compare, face, boobs, hands, blow job, missionary, doggie style, which does he like. He likes me he says, 52 years old and nowhere near as good looking as she is. He wants me, all 178 pounds, big boobs, blonde hair and blue eyes, thick thighs but he wants me instead of her. He knows how to make you feel good.

    I get a gift card every once in while, I say thank you and we agree on the time. We go to lunch and enjoy a good time and then we go to the Drury Inn and spend the afternoon. I haven't had this much sex in many years and he swears he hasn't either. He lies, but why not believe him.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Last night it happened again. My man is screwing me, he grabs me and gets in all the way and asks me if I am his woman. Of course I know the drill, so I have to tell him yes I am his woman. When he is in this mood we are back in caveman days and I know better than to challenge him.

    It happened the first time when I broke my ankle on a hike. We were quite far from anywhere and it was already afternoon on the way back down. Leaving me was not an option, carrying me down was not an option. The weather was changing and it was already cold so he found a big rock and cleared out a spot and told me that we were going to have the spend the night there and let the weather blow over. The rock would help keep the wind off of us. He carried me, with a lot of struggle because I am not some 20 pound girl, and he got me to the rock. We used the packs we carried as pillows and he worked on my ankle, but decided not to take off my boot.

    Let me tell you it got cold, maybe too cold, the wind picked up, it started to snow and it snowed all night. He had me tight against him, inside his jacket and his arms around me taking the brunt of the weather. The wind calmed down, it was cold but we had to wait out the night. He was up against me and I could feel him getting aroused, he got my pants down and fucked me right there out in the open, got his penis as far into me as he could and told me I was his woman, did I get it? I said yes, what could I do? He pumped every last bit of his semen into me and when he was done and I managed to pull my pants back up? Yes that is your pussy, I am your woman, I get it. I said that mostly under my breath but he heard me.

    Well that little adventure resulted in Sarah our daughter. In our house he is lord and master, I get it. When he has sex with me it is intense and sometimes like last night he demands my subservience that I am his woman. I am not normally a passive person and I am, except for when he has me like that, fairly assertive about my views. But I know who is lord and master in my house and I know who's woman I am. I am as surprised as anyone, I don't resent it and I like it. In fact I have found myself asking him if he wants his woman. That night in the mountains changed me in ways I am still trying to understand.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    Ive had the same Gyno since my teens back then I used to be straight but now thanks to her and those magical fingers of hers I swing both ways. Every time I have a visit she does her thing... then she fingers me to heights that make me wanna scream. She knows what sheâs doing guess she gets a lot of practice lol I just had her on Friday and since I was her last patient we spent more time than needed in that room and let me tell you a secret she knows some tricks with that tongue of hers

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    Straight Male / 34

    Ladies, I have a couple of questions for you. This is not "clinical" or "biology", but feelings and description.

    I see the look on my wife's face when she cums, and the way her body reacts, but I'm asking you, as a woman, to describe the sensations you feel when you cum. What does the build up feel like, and what do you experience when that orgasm washes through you?

    I'd also ask you to use the terms that you prefer during sex, cock/hardness/meat... pussy/kitty/twat.

    Guys can never know what you experience on your end, so I'd like to know what women actually feel during sex.

    And what do you absolutely crave during sex that guys rarely do? I know it is different for every woman, but my wife is one of those women who turns red and says "I don't know" when I ask her what she really wants during sex. When she seems really into it, I don't know if I should pull her hair, press against her back, or reach around and squeeze her breasts.

    Do women like having their breasts squeezed during?

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    Straight Female / 27

    Well this is it. I hate my job now, I want to stay home, I don't want to go to work. I am 27 years old and I have a son. My son's father has another woman and she gets to stay home. I have to go to work everyday, I have to drop my son off at daycare everyday, I have to spend all day at this stupid job until four before I can go pick up my son to go home. I resent her, I am jealous of her, everyday when I have to get in the car to take my son to daycare I have to drive by her house and I cry. I try not to cry in front of my son, he is eighteen months old but still he shouldn't see his mother cry.

    She has offered to take care of my son, but when I went to her house to drop off my son and go to work I fell apart, crying miserably like a moron. She doesn't' want to work and she doesn't have to work, I don't want to work but I have to work. It's unfair all the way around.

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    Lesbian Female / 23

    My father died of a self inflicted wound. He left us in the street. He had a gambling problem and the house was mortgaged the bank accounts empty the life insurance not existent and the credit cards maxed out. My mother had a nervous breakdown and lost her job. My friend in school took us in. I slept with her in her room and my mother got the small guest room. I was 13 at the time.

    She and I have been sleeping together now for ten years, all the way through high school all the way through college and we live together and sleep together. Sometimes we fight for the blanket and sometimes we spoon. Sometimes we say I love you and walk on and sometimes we say I love you and make love. We talk about boys but of course we have never really talk about boys.

    My question to myself and to her is if you are born to fall in love like this or if it is an accident driven by tragedy? Are we lesbians or are we just two girls who can't seem to move on? I am going to say lesbian because it has been ten years and because I do love her but neither one of us has ever dated anyone and much less gone out with a guy.

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