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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 46

    Puberty almost ruined me.

    I won't divulge the country I spent my early school days in. Suffice it to say it was a developing country, or as my father would say back then, a backwater banana republic. He was there as an Agronomist working for the US Government as an advisor to the local agricultural community.

    I grew tits. That is what happened. I grew tits. In the sixth grade I didn't have any tits and then in the seventh grade I had tits. And they were tits, round plump tits with dark nipples. I always had dark nipples, but with tits they got bigger and darker. I also got a full bush of pussy hair and I got hips. I went from being a girl in the sixth grade to 'blossoming out' in the seventh grade.

    I loved my tits. I would stand in the bathroom naked in the mirror admiring my tits. I loved my tits. I ignored my pussy, which was carpeted completely by then. It was my tits that I focused on. I intentionally bought blouses that were a bit too tight so my tits stood out. My mother would make me wear a sweater, but I took the sweater off at school and let my tits show. The boys hung around and the girls were jealous, at least that is what I told myself, jealous that they didn't have tits like mine.

    Seventh grade and I was approached by this boy, he was half American and half national, his mom was the American, and he offered me one dollar, and he showed the dollar, one US dollar if I would show him my tits. Every classroom had a closet where the supplies were kept and we snuck in during mid day break and I opened my shirt and lifted my bra over my tits and let him stare at them. He wanted to touch, but for a dollar he could only look. I let him look for a long time, several long minutes, and then I covered up and we snuck back out of the closet and went to the lunch room. I had earned my very first dollar.

    The word got around and other boys brought their dollars and I made several dollars a week showing my tits, and I had lots of repeat customers. Both the American kids and the local kids. For five dollars I pulled down my pants and let him look at my pussy. Like I said earlier, up till then I wasn't focused on my pussy, I was focused on my tits. But he was focused on my pussy. His fingers were warm and they were hard, he touched me for a while running his fingers up and down my pussy slit. He undid his pants and pulled out his hard penis and he rubbed my pussy with his penis. He kissed me. He pushed my pants down all the way and he pushed his pants down all the way and he poked me with his penis right where it felt real good and he asked me how we could do it.

    We were oblivious to the time, it was lunch break and we had been in the closet for a while. A girl from my class knocked on the door and told us that the teacher was coming. We could hear her talking to the teacher and asking her to go outside with her and we snuck out, I was still flush. My friend came back in and saw me and took me aside and asked me to go to the restroom with her and she helped me calm down. She was a local girl, we had been classmates for several years and we were good friends. She knew, as all the other kids knew, that I showed off in the closet. She made me tell her what happened. She was very hard on me and told me never to do that again.

    I stopped the closet shows. Just stopped. I was scared.

    Several months later my friend invited me to her family farm. We were there together. The subject came up again and I told her about how he had felt me and how his penis had felt me and we agreed I had almost been fucked. There was a deep gap between her and me. To her getting fucked was really bad, to me getting fucked was not that bad.

    The boy in the closet fucked me at the next mixed party. He had figured it out, had talked to some friends, some older boys and he knew what to do. He took me outside and we went to where the cars were parked. He got his hands in my pants and felt up my pussy. He took out his penis and had me hold it and stroke it and then he had me bend over and put my hands on the car and he fucked me from behind. He fucked me. No doubt about it, he fucked me and he left it all inside of me when he was done. After that I was a whore. The whole school knew that he had fucked me and I was whore, a whore like most of the other American girls. American girls were whores and I had proved it.

    For the rest of my time in that country I was a whore. We returned to the US for the night grade. I was never a whore in the US. Not once. I was the opposite. I had learned my lesson. By then I was not the only one with tits, and there were other girls who gave it away, and I kept it to myself. I talked a whole lot to my daughters while they went through puberty. I gave them the same face my friend gave me at the farm. I lied to them and told them that I saved myself for marriage. I told them to save themselves for marriage. They didn't, but that is what I told them.

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    Straight Female / 36

    Sometime in my past, when I was a lot younger, a man had his way with me in a parking lot.

    I never told anyone.

    I don't know his name or anything about him. He is a total stranger. Yet he owns me. Sometimes, I am stuck in a dream. I am little red riding hood, in my little dress and red cape, and he is the big bad wolf and he is about to devour me, but instead he sets upon me and I can feel him again and again and I wake up out of breath, wet and covered in sweat which sometimes ends in an orgasm.

    I know I will never see him again. But he should know that he owns me and that I have not been with another.

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    Straight Female / 28

    After my father left the service we moved back to his home town. At the time we moved there the plant had not been built, but he knew that the plant was coming because his cousin worked in the mayor's office. He was an electrical technician in the army and he knew he could get a good job working at the plant.

    We were three sisters, four years between the oldest and the youngest. My mom got a job working for small shop as a cashier and sales and we went to school at the elementary. I got my pussy touched in the fifth grade. He was a boy from one of the neighborhoods and those boys could basically take what they wanted from us. He backed me against a wall and touched my pussy. It felt real good and I let him touch me whenever he wanted. One day he was talking to me and I was leaning against the wall and he was touching me, just running his hand in and out between my legs when my younger sister caught us. She went straight home and told my mother.

    The principle called me into his office, my mother was there and so was a lady teacher. They asked me to tell on the boy, tell them what my sister saw. I said nothing happened, we were friends and my sister imagined she saw something. I didn't tell on him. As a reward he made me his official girlfriend, which boys from his neighborhood never admitted with girls like us.

    As his girlfriend I got to meet a whole lot of the kids from his neighborhood, and as we grew older I was invited to parties. In the seventh grade I gave my first blow job. In the seventh grade I got my first fuck. I wasn't the only one, I won't say most girls put out in the seventh grade, but a lot did. Not the girls from the neighborhood, I am talking about girls like us. If you put out you got invited to parties and when you were older you went out on dates. I would say that I was boy crazy. I was a good girlfriend.

    When I was 19 my youngest sister got pregnant, she was 15. The boy that got her pregnant had dropped out of school and he was known to the police. He later got convicted for grand theft when he and another boy stole a car. For my sister it was bad, she dropped out of school. In the end, I was the only one to finish high school, my middle sister dropped out in the eleventh grade to get a job.

    I go back to the neighborhood where I grew up to see my parents and sisters, it is just the same. My father worked for the plant until he got laid off. My mother works in sales at a department store. I try to be a good girlfriend. I work for a car dealership and I am the girlfriend of the assistant manager.

    I grew up pretty poor. My parents are still poor and my sisters are poor. I have a job with benefits. I also graduated from high school. I have my own place in a nice neighborhood. I know how to be a good girlfriend. I know how to look after a man. I know how to keep myself clean. I don't get pregnant. I don't want to be that girlfriend that gets her boyfriend in trouble at home.

    My name is Sonia,

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    Straight Female / 50

    I turned 50 last year. I have been married for over 25 years and I have four children. I am tired of sex with my husband. Leave me alone. I like the company, I like the life, but I do not like the sex. He is an old man, not a young Romeo.

    I will go further. I friend of mine, a woman of my age, turned me on to certain toys. She has been playing around for some time, and in addition to toys she also turned me on to lotions and lubricants. I have been a stay at home wife since I got married. I take my bath so I am nice and clean, I have a toy, which is bigger than nature intended, I lubricate my anus and I slowly insert this wonderful toy up inside of me and get pleasure I never experienced with my husband.

    If the opportunity presented itself I would like some man with power in his groin to teach me what it is like to have a penis in my ass. I am not looking for an affair, just to be 'serviced', I would like to experience the thrusting that goes with it. As it is, I practice by myself and from time to time enjoy watching how young girls with a man experience anal intercourse.

    That's it,

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    Lesbian Female / 47

    As the youngest daughter of the judge I was above reproach. My mother had become a fervent religious woman. I could not date, I was 14 and dating was permission when I turned 16. He was 17 and about to graduate from high school, already accepted at Columbia. The party was for girls only, so there were no chaperones. The boys were snuck in around midnight.

    Games involved alcohol and sex. He was given his choice, one of us as a departing gift. I was pushed forward, I was not only the youngest at the party, I was a guaranteed virgin. I was offered alcohol to help me go to him or I could go without any help. He sat on a chair, waiting for me. Pushed forward by a couple of the girls, I stood straight and went to my fate.

    A couple of the girls helped me undress until I was completely naked. A rug was pulled over and a pillow and I was laid down. He undressed and stood over me, my legs were opened for him, he dropped down and he began having sex with me. A girl suggested that I suck him so they could see when he came. He stayed on and a minute later he came. After he got up, a blanket was thrown over me. A girl was chosen to check me and make sure he had come in me.

    The pregnancy was the worst thing for my mother, her reputation was ruined. The marriage ceremony was in our living room, my mother in black and a veil. He was uncomfortable in his new suit. I was given a choice, go with him to New York, or go live with his parents. My father told me to go live with my husband, he bought an apartment for us to live in. I was home schooled by tutors, and I was given a housekeeper nanny to help.

    My baby took over my life. After his graduation we moved to Dallas where he got his Phd from SMU. I attended SMU and finished my degree in education.

    We live in Dallas where we make our home, with had three more kids. I never made peace with my mother, but remain my father's special daughter. The rest of our families got over the shotgun wedding and it is only spoken about in hushed voices.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I have been living in a polyamorous family. We are two 'wives' and a husband. We have five children.

    Because my second pregnancy provided us with the twins, numbers four and five, I agreed to give up my job and raise the children, saving daycare expenses.

    The mother part I am OK with, the wife part I am OK with. What is hard is giving up my profession. My wife has cut her hours so she can be home early. Our husband's hours are not so easy to change.

    My wife and I have been very close since junior high, so sharing our lives has been easier, but we recognize that it is not for every one. And our husband is a natural born diplomat and conciliator. We worked hard to find a formula for intimacy, settling on a shared bedroom with my wife, and shared intimacy. He needs his space, so giving him his ôwn room was a natural extension.

    I won't recommend it, unless you are willing to join with your wife and make yourselves 'as one'. One unit, together being his wife.

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    Straight Female / 55

    There is a guy out there that keeps posting of his desire to be kept in a rubber bag! Well, I would love to do that! Only I would keep him in there permanently, hosing him out daily for hygiene, feeding him minimally through his zippered mouth opening, and hydrating him healthily the same way. I would milk him into an approved container, and sell it, maybe ten times a day! He would sit helplessly beside me on the love-seat while I watch all my favorite TV shows and movies, and we'd end up in bed, where I would cuddle him, in his rubber bag, all night! I'd go off to work every morning, leaving him unable to reach his Viagra-enhanced erection, and savor his desperation when I returned. I would also bring my men-friends home, and allow them to do whatever they wanted with him, whether just ignoring him, or helping me milk him, or face-fucking him, and screwing my brains out on the bed beside him. I would never let him out, but keep him clean, hydrated, nourished, and sexed to death! I wonder how many years he'd last!

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    Straight Female / 35

    My husband is a good man, faithful, hard-working, thoughtful, imaginative, giving, and very loving to a fault! Okay so what's the problem, I hear you asking! As he took pains to warn me before our marriage, he is utterly addicted to bondage of the total-enclosure, sensory-deprivation type, and really NEEDS me to indulge him, for his best mental and physical state. It's not what I would have chosen, although I have to admit, I can screw his brains out, even in the bag he loves nearly as much as me, through a zippered opening. With the aid of a nasal canula, I can sit on his face, and let my clit push through the other zippered opening into his mouth, where his tireless tongue can make me come time after time, until I can take mo more, and roll off him, and zip him back into forced silence! All in all, I am very satisfied, sexually, but I still have a hankering for flesh-to-flesh intercourse and kissing, and all that womanly 'stuff'....When he was very young, in his teens. he was forced into male/male sex, in the rubber bag, even then, and he sometimes fantasizes about having to do oral on a man. Now, an ex boyfriend of mine, before marriage, has contacted me, and expressed an interest in a threesome, since one of his teenage friends was involved in my guy's adventures, and has told him all about them. I feel guilty, since mine is the perfect husband, other than his addiction, and I'm not sure if his "attraction" to earlier male/male contact is more than just an occasional fantasy....I'm really tempted to try this, since my guy is utterly submissive, and wants only to please me, whatever it takes...he would agree to this, just to please me, no matter how reluctant he was...if he IS reluctant! It's really hard to know what's best, and I would really appreciate some advice, suggestions, criticism even, whatever, to help me make up my mind. The only true constant is that he CANNOT give up his rubber bag! It is as strong an addiction as any drug or alcohol related thing, and if I was that upset about it, I should have heeded his warning and not married him! Whaddya think, gals....what should I do? Please? Be as ;positive or negative as you wish - you won't offend me - I just want to do the right thing! HELP!!!!

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    Straight Female / 49

    Your memory is limitless. We were kids, in the tenth grade. Our parents gave us permission go to a fair in the parking lot of a mall. There were two of us kids, one boy and one girl. He was given instructions to look after me and we were told that he was the boss.

    We rode several rides and we had snacks and used our money wisely to make it last. We were standing beside this shack, and these two older boys came up and started talking to us. They moved in on us and one started to touch my hair and tap my breasts and hips he got close grabbed me between the legs. My protector was pushed aside and this boy kissed me on the mouth grabbing me between the legs.

    Well the truth was I did not want to be protected right then, I wanted to be kissed and his hot hand between my legs felt good. He took my hand and put it on his pants. He had a hard erection and I wrapped my hand around it and let him kiss me and feel me up all he wanted. I was alone, my protector and the other guy had disappeared. I leaned back and he undid his pants and I had his penis in my hand and he put his hand in my pants and all I wanted was for him not to stop.

    He led my around to the back of the shack, behind some equipment and we took our pants off and I had sex for the first time, under the moonlight with the fair noises all around. When we were done and were dressed again he led me back to the fair and we walked around holding hands. We found my protector and boss and he was royally pissed at me. After my lover left us, kissing me first, my protector and boss lit into me. He made me tell him that I had sex with the guy, and all I told him is that he wished it had been him.

    He 'punished' me and I had to stay close to him the rest of the evening until we were picked up. The next day he came to my house and in my room he gave me the riot act. I had never been yelled at by anyone other than my parents. I was told never again to behave like that. Something took over me that afternoon. I felt remorse for what I had done the night before. Real remorse, I felt really bad right then. I apologized to him and told him I wouldn't misbehave again.

    After that afternoon I never did anything like that again. It was my one and only wild moment. Deep down inside I knew I had done wrong and I had not only done something really stupid, I had hurt my friend in the worst possible way.

    I have lots of memories growing up. Certainly I remember that evening. But the lasting impact was the lecture I got the next day. That lecture straightened me out.

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    Straight Female / 29

    I had a fight with my husband. Money. It seems that what I like is not necessary and what he likes is something we have to have. And since I am on an allowance, I don't work, I get the lecture all the time.

    I was getting ready for bed, and as usual before going to bed I make sure my hooha is nice and clean for him, I used the bidet and was getting on a fresh set of panties when he walked in and he pointed out that I did not have a penis. He took me by the arm and stood me in front of the full length mirror and asked me to show him my penis, bend over and look for it! Nothing! There is nothing there but those silly pussy lips!

    Well, sure I don't have a penis. I went back to the bathroom and I took a large pad and put it into my "unavailable" panties and he didn't get any pussy that night.

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