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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 32

    I've been living with my boyfriend for less than a year, a little over nine months. He was married before and has a teenage son Jeremy who stays with us two weekends every month and now sometimes three weekends. My boyfriend tends bar Friday and Saturday nights so his kid is with me which I had no problem with. He keeps to himself and stays in the guest room playing video games or watching TV. Seven months ago my boyfriend called from work saying Jeremy wasn't answering his phone and that he wanted to talk to him. He asked me to have Jeremy call him back so I knocked on the guest room door getting no response. We live in a ranch house and when I opened the guest room door he wasn't there and the window was wide open. When I looked out of the window there he was, stooped down behind the large air conditioner unit which is just outside my bedroom window. He stood up for a moment and I could see he was only wearing a t-shirt and on the floor near the window were his pants and underwear. I was wearing my bathrobe but it occurred to me instantly that Jeremy saw me undress go in the bathroom naked and come out that way drying off. I was going to holler at him but instead I just walked out and back into my room. I knew he was still watching me so I went into the bathroom to get dressed. I then went back and knocked on his door and this time he responded and I told him to call his dad. I sat down in the living room and my first thought was OMG how long has he been doing this. The house sits on a lot of land and the back yard is about the size of a football field. I never had any reason to worry about my privacy and even though the bedroom windows have wood blinds I never thought about closing them tightly. Just the fact he had no pants or underwear on made it obvious he must masturbate when watching me. Thankfully he can't see into the bathroom but I began thinking of how often I laid down in bed naked and OMG again, I do masturbate sometimes. I was actually shaking at one point wondering how often he did this and aside from seeing me naked had he ever watched me masturbate. OMG again, had he seen me using my vibrator, had he watched me looking at myself naked in the mirror, holding my breasts, just touching my vagina or even seeing me change a tampon. My head was spinning and I just couldn't stop thinking of how many ways I had humiliatingly exposed my body to him.

    Now my confession. I had made up my mind to tell my boyfriend about what Jeremy was doing. I still never have and continue to let Jeremy watch me and admit it stimulates me knowing he is seeing me naked. I also masturbate more often with the full knowledge he is watching me. I don't see him but I am sure he is also masturbating as he watches me. Whatever happened to my embarrassment about it, I don't know. I'm also guilty of opening the blinds a little more than before and turning on more lights instead of just the one lamp. I stay naked longer than usual and flaunt my body in front of him. I doubt he thinks I know he is watching me and I know for a fact he has asked his mother to stay with his dad more often. I'm sure that he wants to stay here more often only because he is being entertained by me. After dinner Friday and Saturday nights Jeremy goes into the guest room and I never see him again until morning. We always go out to eat Saturday afternoons before my boyfriend has to go to work. once home Jeremy is back in the guest room knowing about the time I will go into my room. As crasy as this may sound I often get undressed slip my bathrobe on and knock on the guest room door to assure myself he is outside. I open the door sometimes and when I do the window is always wide open and most of the time see his jeans and underwear on the floor. I think knowing he masturbates seeing me naked somehow gets me aroused. I used to get dressed after my shower but since I discovered Jeremy sneaking out and watching me has me staying in my room more. Even after I masturbate I just lay in bed nude letting him see me for as long as he wants. That first night I knew he was watching me I was embarrassed, angry, and thought what a filthy brat Jeremy is. I know now I am the bad one for letting this continue and he is just doing what any guy his age would like to do. I am at times ashamed of myself but the way it arouses me only encourages me to continue showing off my body to him. Jeremy and I have a good relationship and I usually accompany them when we go out on Saturdays and Sunday. Its like nothing is happening when my boyfriend is at work. The way Jeremy acts around me you would never know he sees me naked so often. Its clear to me that he doesn't have any suspision that I know what he is doing.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I wasn't a nice girl in high school, I ran around, mostly with this one boy. My nickname was Éclair because I was filled with sperm. It is not trued that I would fuck anything, I was and I am pretty picky about who fucks me, but I did fuck around and I ended up in trouble. Funny how they used that term, 'in trouble'. When the word got out the joke was that I was rated PG, my parents had money and my impregnator had money so I never did have financial problems. All during my pregnancy I wanted sex, except maybe for the first trimester. I kept to my impregnator, I was kept at home so it usually meant that I was giving him blow jobs or hand jobs, I just needed his dick. We managed to fuck a few times but nowhere near enough. Other than being perpetually hard up my pregnancy was no bother to me.

    When the boy was born it was love at first sight. Sure he was tiny and skinny and all but I felt it. My impregnator he looked at my son and said he thought he would be bigger. I told him it was because he had a small dick. After several weeks my impregnator wanted to fuck. I gave him blow jobs and hand jobs and let him fuck my tits, I even let him ride hard between my butt crack, but he wanted pussy so I let him have pussy and bingo, one time and I got pregnant again. Seventeen with one kiddo and PG one more time. The second time my parents really came down hard and restricted my impregnator from seeing me. But I cried, that is what you do when your feelings are hurt, I cried and they relented and they left us alone to fuck. He didn't want hand jobs or blow jobs or tits he wanted pussy and he didn't care how he had to get on. Even now I look back and it was crazy, we fucked and fucked, the more I got pregnant the more he fucked me, in my eighth month I was on my elbows and knees and he just fucked me silly.

    The second baby was like the first one, one look at him and I was in love all over again, this time I had no problem with him latching on and I gave him tit anywhere and everywhere, if he wanted tit I gave him tit. The older one was weaned but I could tell he wanted tit, he liked laying between my tits all cuddled up. He was already doing what his father liked, playing with my tits.

    We got married and we went to college, both of us, we kept from getting pregnant again, the jokes were part of the past, no one called me éclair although I was filled with sperm more than ever, somehow between day care and class schedules we pushed right through and graduated with two kids already in kindergarten and first grade. We never suffered financially, like I said our parents had money and we didn't have any financial pressures, no rent issues, we had a nice car and my grandmother insisted on getting a maid to come in once a week to help. We were pretty spoiled in college. For our graduation we left the kids with my folks and we went on our never taken honeymoon to Maui, to get pregnant again.

    I went off the pill a year before I graduated, I kept him on condoms and hand jobs, blow jobs and forced pull outs, but now I was ready, in Maui we were there for one reason, to fuck ourselves silly, anytime, anywhere, anyway, no kids just us and I wanted to go home pregnant. I went home pregnant, I didn't call him the impregnator anymore although he was. As with both of my first pregnancies I was so horny all through my pregnancy that we fucked everyday almost, I never wore panties to bed, I positioned myself with my pillows, opened up and let him give me what I needed. There were times when I had to help by flipping myself while he fucked me, it was just that nothing satisfied me. I guess some women want ice cream at midnight, I wanted dick and I wanted dick in my pussy. Sorry ice cream makers but I didn't have the nickname éclair in high school for nothing.

    I have five kids and we agreed we had reached the limit and I got tied. Five kids is a lot. I am still hornier than ever, the older I am the hornier I am. We have no pregnancy issues now so we fuck whenever, wherever and however we want, who cares what the boys are doing, who cares what little Alice is doing, Mom and Dad need to fuck. Poor little Alice having a mother who is sick and can't live without Daddy's dick. Maybe she inherited my sickness, hopefully she did because frankly it is a good sickness to have, I just hope that her father or brothers take care of any asshole that wants to get friendly with her, at least until she is out of high school. But she is three so we have another ten years before we really have to start getting worried.

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    Transsexual Male / 36

    I love fucking pussy and I love sucking cock but I don’t get ass fucking! The pussy was made for dicks. It’s slippery wet, massages the entire cock. Is the perfect hole to shoot cum in and the clit is right there being rubbed at every stroke! Why would I want to put my most precious toy in a hole filled with shit? When I look at porn and guys are fucking babes in the ass, the babes are always rubbing their clit to get off. Somebody please help me on this.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I am 35 now, but in my growing up years I found him as the father figure to love me. I am talking twelve thirteen years old. My father embarrassed me, he was a real life shoe salesman and an alcoholic. My mother was an alcoholic and part time prostitute. So when I was loved by him I was happy. Maybe it was wrong, maybe. But to me it was what gave me life.

    He lived down the street and he had a metalworking shop. All that time he loved me I have been his only woman. My mother was usually asleep by two in the afternoon, so I walked down the street to get loved. My street husband closed his garage door and I could feel myself come aroused, wet and anxious, his huge hug enveloped me and I only slowly woke up later, laying on his bed, my clothes on the floor, my skin still hot, feeling him still, I always continued to feel him even after he had withdrawn and I lay still naked on his bed.

    One day I was seventeen and no longer fourteen, I was more and more a woman, and I watched him work. His hand would reach out and circle around my neck, my body reached out to him and I went into my trance, time stood still my body fitting around him and he joined me to him and I could feel his love. Twenty two and my love was deeper, twenty seven I had lived with him then for ten years, I have never found words that describe my feeling as he put himself on me and I gave in completely.

    I am 35 now, I am free in many ways, but in one way I will never be free. My mind doesn't really have memories as much as feelings, I lay on the bed, he circles and comes over and lifts my head to kiss me and my trance begins, minutes go by, hours in my mind but minutes in the real world, but in those minutes I live completely pulled up hard against him, his love is real his desire real his body real like one piece of a puzzle matching up with another I become one body with his, surely all these years have molded me to fit around him and for him to fit so perfectly in me.

    I try to speak in words but I cannot say what I feel.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I married my college boyfriend right after college and we had two kids, boys. One day last year he tells me he doesn't feel well so he is going to stay home from work. I get home after work and he is gone, he left a note telling me that the kids were at our friend's house, he wanted a divorce and he was moving on. Recovery has been difficult, I could not stay in our house, the settlement is to split the bills we didn't have any savings to speak of or equity in the house. I am supposed to get child support but he quit his job and is working free lance and who knows if he is even working.

    I moved into a small rental house and across the street from me lives a retired college professor. He is wicked and he won't leave me alone. He is always on his best behavior when my kids are around but when they aren't he is wicked and wants to fuck me, he always wants to fuck me. I let him once because I was not strong and couldn't stay away and now he is over here all the time I can't keep his hands off of me and he won't stop calling me honey or baby or sweetheart or worse he sometimes call me his young wife, I am not married to him.

    He told my kids they can call him Grandpa, he tells me that Bill is only for formal occasions, he needs me to call him something personal, like I can call him honey, he wants me to introduce him to people as my boyfriend, he is anything but a boy and not a boyfriend, he is my neighbor who has a screw loose and can't keep his hands off of me. I work, I pick the kids up from the babysitter, I come home. As soon as I drive in he comes over, he wants to know what I am going to fix for dinner, he wants a kiss every single day I come home he expects a kiss. Once the boys are in bed he wants me to spend some quiet time with him, we don't make love on the couch because there is no door so I have to take him into my bedroom to make love so I can at least close the door.

    He brought me a little bag to keep at my house for him, his personal toiletries and clean socks and underwear in case he spends the night. I went from a husband who abused me and abandoned me with two kids to a man who wants a young wife and won't leave me alone. Moving in with him saves me rent and the boys don't change schools. But I give up my independence which I don't have anyway. Not moving in with him just seems so stupid, he is over here every day and I can't really ask him to go home in the middle of the night so the boys see him here just about every day now.

    He is my anchor and he wants to marry me and take care of me and I don't know why I am so scared.

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    Straight Female / 31

    The day my divorce was final my now ex-husband made me pregnant.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I worked with Mr. X. Mr. X was a nice man, like nice is nice. I was new to the job and he took a shine to me and I fell for it. He took me out to lunch one day and while we were talking he told me he wanted to get me something, something for me to remember him. I will cut straight to what he wanted, he wanted to buy me underpants. I won't say panties, he said underpants. I was twenty-four, not that I was new to life but I guess I was pretty naïve when it came to men. We were eating at this Chinese restaurant in the mall and he took me to Neiman Marcus to buy panties. He called a sales girl to help me, he had her hold up each and every pair and get her opinion as to whether those particular panties would accentuate my hips, because he said he wanted his baby to have the best and look real good for him. The lady, because she wasn't a sales girl, she never missed a beat, she just kept bringing panties to me, laying them across my hips, answering his questions as to whether she felt they would fit me right because she wanted me to wear panties that hugged me in the right places. During the whole scene, I want to say ordeal but it wasn't I was so wet, his hand patting my crotch from time to time, his conversations with the sales lady, her telling him that his baby was in good hands with her. We left with six pair, each personally selected by him. In the car he asked me to change while we sat in the parking garage, he wanted a little peak while I pulled my pants down to change, I got a full on kiss, he grabbed my boob but he asked if he could touch his pussy cat. He was very gentle, softly petting me as I sat half naked in the car telling me that he liked me and I was going to be a good girl and he wanted to make sure that I thought of him all day that's why he liked to buy his girls underpants.

    H is kisses weren't normal, not like anything I had ever experienced, and his hands weren't normal either, neither was his lovemaking, when he held my face in his hands after he had made love to me and asked me if I was going to be good baby all I could do was shake my head for him. I got all sorts of gifts, handbags, scarfs, earrings, dresses, shoes, bras, bracelets, all from Neiman's and for most he took me there to try them on first, to see if he liked me wearing what he bought me. Not in the office, but outside the office he patted my rear to show me he was pleased with me, I got lots of kisses and hugs and he made sure that the other women watching knew that I was his girl and not them. He really liked affection and I had to learn to give him affection, to softly touch his cheek, to hold his hand, to sit close to him, to listen to his words of wisdom, to lay my hand on his thigh, to lay my head on his chest or his shoulder. In bed, when he spent the night with me, he made love to me and after he made love to me he liked to lay on his back and let me give him affection.

    One Saturday afternoon I was alone at home and the door knocked and a woman was there. She introduced herself and she told me that she was his ex-wife and asked to come in. She was very nice and easy to talk to, she told me that he liked me a lot but she was there because she was worried about him and wanted me to know. He had been diagnosed with cancer and he would be having surgery to remove the tumor and there would be chemotherapy and other treatments and hopefully nothing had spread to the lungs. I am not very good with that type of information, I listened but my heart was racing a thousand miles an hour. She stayed a few minutes, left me her number and the information on the hospital, the surgery and asked that I be there and she would be there too.

    His surgery went well, but the cancer had spread to his lungs and despite all the treatments we lost him thirteen months later. It was strange but comforting that his ex-wife and I stood shoulder to shoulder during the internment, and that she held my hand. She has many gifts that he gave her over the years and she can't let them go. I can't either, I put them in a box because I can't wear them, the only thing I wear everyday is a small ring he bought me at an art fair. If I follow in his ex-wife's footsteps I am not going to have another relationship, right now I don't want one, I could not imagine myself in the arms of another man. I had him for a short while, just two years before he had his surgery, but his memories will be with me for the rest of my life.

    I hope this is not a downer, even if it sounds like one. But it isn't, I had the attention of a man for a while, attention like you can't even dream about. I was his girl, his baby, all his, every ounce of me and every breath I took was his, he just had a way, a crank maybe to some, but if you were me you would have loved every minute of it too.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I have been living with my boyfriend for three months we well into sex I will take it in any hole I don't mind,
    we talk dirty to each other before we have sex it gets us in the mood we suggest all kinds of disgusting things, he keeps telling me to wank his dog, he has a big dog I've seen its cock many times it frequently keeps trying to sniff between my legs, I do get a reaction that's when he says wank my dog off then laughs, I am wondering if he is serious does he really want me to, I know some women are into this, I am ashamed to say I am tempted, but what would he think of me afterwards, I really don't to know what to do and I do know, I know its a big ask would anybody like to comment,


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    Straight Female / 47

    This is not really about me so much but about a foster mom named Vivian who I lived with for a little over 2 years back in 1986 until April 1988. I was 15 and was placed with her and her husband Paul by DHS and a church group. There were 3 other kids there at the time, 1 girl Anna who was 8 and 2 boys Julio who was 10 and Larry who was 11. Vivian was like a demon and seemed to hate the boys were as with Anna and I seemed to be much more kind. Paul was rarely home during the week and worked long hours but was a nice man. Anna and I shared a bedroom and were afforded privacy and respect by both Vivian and Paul. The boys were treated well by Paul but Vivian continually harassed them and caused them constant humiliation over the time I lived there. When I think back it was like she had no respect for them and intentionally belittled and put them in embarrassing situations in front of me and Anna. When the boys got home from school each day they were always forced to undress and remain in their underwear. Anna and I were allowed to change clothes in our room. The boys were made to undress right in the living room.

    I was only there a couple weeks when Vivian would call me into the bathroom or the boys room where I would see them naked. It didn't occur to me right away but I soon realized Vivian did this intentionally to embarrass them. She actually began having me supervise them getting a bath having me tell them to disrobe. She never told me to stay in the bathroom with them but I took it as an opportunity to see these boys naked. It was obvious how humiliating it was for them and at times I saw both of them crying about it. When I left there and got older I felt ashamed about it, but at the time I was just a teenager with the free pass to see boys naked. I think Larry was more embarrassed than Julio at first but as the got a little older they both began to hate me as much as they did Vivian. It wasn't every night but at least a couple times a week Vivian had me direct to boys to get their baths. There was no shower in the house but only a bathtub. I would go up to their room and one at a time take them in for their bath. They would try to cover themselves but once I filled the tub they had to climb in exposing themselves to both me and Vivian and often Anna would be there. As they washed themselves I would just stand there watching them and most of the time they wouldn't even look at me keeping their head down in shame and embarrassment.

    Both boys began getting pubic hair after awhile and I think the older they got the more humiliated they became. They often complained to Vivian but she always told them she couldn't trust them to be unsupervised. Until I left there they still had to undress in the living room after school and they seemed to be in their underwear most of the time. Even that became embarrassing to them. When I left Vivian and Paul Larry was 13 and I had just seen him naked two nights before that. There were a few times I saw Larry with an erection but it seldom happened in front of me. There were four times I remember complete humiliation of these boys once with Julio but 3 times with Larry. I actually witnessed Julio getting an enema once but I watched and helped as Vivian gave an enema to Larry three times over those years. Both were in tears as it went on and I'm sure the embarrassment was unbearable for them. Anna never supervised the boys but often saw them naked and I don't know what ever happened to any of them. At the time I shamefully admit I enjoyed seeing those boys naked. The older I get I understand how cruel Vivian was by letting Anna and I see them naked so often, especially me. Vivian caused them so much humiliation just by the way she treated them and her husband had to know what she was like. He was always kind to everybody but let her run the house.

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    Straight Female / 24

    In my social circle I am accused of being a sub, or worse that I am being used. I am 24 and I am with a man of the world, he has been to war, he killed enemy soldiers, he has been with women from far away, he knows how he wants his woman. My friends have never been with a real man, they have a fantasy in their mind, but a real man doesn't want some woman telling him what to do. A real man wants a woman to be a woman, not only in the bedroom but also in the house. If they don't learn how to be real women they are going to end up with some boy.

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